ASCD Releases New Antibullying Resource for Educators

Alexandria, VA (10/17/2013)—ASCD is pleased to announce the release of a new PD In Focus® channel for educators, titled “School Culture and Climate: Addressing Bullying.” The PD In Focus online application is an award-winning, cost-effective, web-based professional development tool from ASCD that provides hundreds of hours of highly effective videos, related resources, activities, and insight from some of the most important voices in education today.

“Eliminating bullying is one element of creating a safe school climate, and ASCD’s resources help educators create an environment that is emotionally safe for students and adults,” said Dr. Gene R Carter, CEO and Executive Director of ASCD. “Students should feel valued, respected, and cared for by school routines that teach students how to manage their behavior and help students improve problem behavior. ASCD is pleased to be able to assist educators improve school climate and student success.”

Visit the new PD In Focus School Culture and Climate channel to see how one school decided to stand up to bullying and what they’ve done to create a safe, nurturing, and learning environment for everyone. Scenes show how educators use coordinating committees, student survey data, and classroom discussions to stay on top of real and potential bullying situations. Interviews provide insight into how to develop schoolwide awareness of how to recognize and respond to bullying.

In addition to the new PD In Focus channel, ASCD also provides a variety of resources on bullying, including

  • PD Online® professional development course Bullying: Taking Charge, 2nd Edition, in which users will learn practical tools for confronting and preventing bullying. The course features video examples, in-depth readings, and problem-solving scenarios.
  • Special Edition Policy Priorities newsletter on cyberbullying curriculum and prevention resources, which includes a special infographic titled “Cyberbullying Legislation by State.”
  • How to Stop Bullying edition of ASCD Express () that discusses bullying, how it affects students, and advice on how to prevent harassment and create a safe and comfortable learning environment.
  • Experts from organizations like the National School Climate Center and the U.S. Department of Education share blog posts and other resources that address bullying in the classroom on the Whole Child Blog. ASCD’s website also provides a list of school climate resourcesunder the “Research a Topic” section. 

  • The September 2011 issue of Educational Leadership“Promoting Respectful Schools,” features articles on bullying, school climate, and preventing hate language.   

ASCD has also published a variety of books for educators on the topic of bullying:

For more information on ASCD’s programs, products, and services, or to join, visit

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ASCD is a global community dedicated to excellence in learning, teaching, and leading. Comprising 140,000 members—superintendents, principals, teachers, and advocates from more than 138 countries—the ASCD community also includes 56 affiliate organizations. ASCD’s innovative solutions promote the success of each child. To learn more about how ASCD supports educators as they learn, teach, and lead, visit




Living the Dream in Union County Schools: Quality Hardware, for Less  

District purchases refurbished MacBooks from Mac To School

(SANTA CLARA, Calif.) Oct. 17, 2013 – Today, there are more than a hundred additional MacBooks in the hands of students in Georgia’s Union County School System (UCSS), and the district has budget to spare.  As is the case with any district, UCSS Technology department set out to find creative ways to obtain more high quality ed-tech devices for their five campuses, without putting an additional burden on their budget,

“The more we looked, the less we found that fit both our budgetary and educational needs, ” said Bill Driskell, Director of Technology at Union County School System.

During their search, the tech team found the refurbished MacBooks offered by Mac to School to be their best option, both for students and their budget.  After an extensive evaluation period, Driskell and his team made an initial purchase of 117 MacBooks, nearly double the number of new machines for the same price.

“The refurbished Macs offered by Mac to School gave us the best of both worlds: high-quality ed tech hardware at a much lower price.  We were able to purchase more computers for the same budget, getting more devices in to the hands of our kids,” Driskell said.

Their evaluation took in to account the quality of the refurbished Macs, compatibility with existing hardware and software, as well as the all important, and many times forgotten customer support and warranties offered by Mac to School.

“It warms our hearts to hear stories like this one from UCSS,” said Mac to School founder and president Robert Baker. “We know how tight school budgets are, and that’s why we strive to provide districts with lower cost, high quality technology options.”

In addition to providing school districts with an option for purchasing refurbished computers, Mac to School also offers to purchase Apple products from districts that are looking to upgrade or make room in their budget for new computers.

“Technology will continue to play an integral role in every classroom, and our goal is to provide districts with an alternative to the high cost of new machines,” said Baker. “So whether districts are buying machines from us or selling us their older Macs in order to purchase the latest and greatest directly from Apple, we see that as a win for everyone.”

To learn more about Mac to School and the Apple products currently in stock, visit them online at

About Mac to School:

Mac to School buys, sells and refurbishes all types of Apple computers and equipment. We serve the public and private education market, working with small schools up to large districts throughout all 50 states. Our mission is to deliver the best value to our customers while providing the highest level of customer service. Our team of Apple Certified Technicians uses customized tools to generate detailed audits and provide quality refurbishment. Mac to School also offers to purchase Apple products from districts that are looking to upgrade or make room in their budget for new computers.


ABPathfinder Supplies Teachers and Therapists with Free Tablets

Great Tablet Giveaway Program rewards schools and therapy centers with tablet devices 

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. (Oct. 17, 2013) – ABPathfinder, LLC, developer of special education and therapy management solutions, announces its Great Tablet Giveaway Program, which supplies free tablet computers to schools and therapy centers implementing its software. Recent MCH Strategic Data indicates that only 13 percent of technology-using schools have tablet devices. ABPathfinder seeks to better support its customers by supplying effective software, and providing the tools needed to implement the software.

“The software provides real-time data collection abilities, both online and offline,” said ABPathfinder CEO and President Jeff Blackwood. “By supplying tablets to our customers, we equip them with a way to access this data while on-site with the child.”

Shrinking the time spent on paperwork and administrative tasks, the management solution frees more time to invest in each child’s progress. The Great Tablet Giveaway maximizes the company’s efforts to address the growing prevalence of autism and other developmental disorders. ABPathfinder will provide a tablet for every 25 clients a customer activates in the software, with no limit on the number of tablets.

“Our goal is to improve autism therapy and special education by making teachers’ and therapists’ jobs easier,” said Blackwood. “This is just one more way of doing that – instead of jumping through hoops trying to get funding for a tablet, we’re providing one for them. 

ABPathfinder crafted its software using feedback from developmental disability specialists to complement special educators’ and therapists’ proven approaches, instead of dictating therapy techniques. Through detailed analysis, the software also generates interactive graphs of each child’s progress, allowing therapists and educators to immediately recognize behavior patterns and identify focus areas for improvement.

About ABPathfinder
ABPathfinder, LLC develops special education and therapy management solutions that increase the efficiency and effectiveness of special education and autism therapy programs. The cloud-based platform helps educators and therapists craft lesson plans, as well as collect, graph and analyze performance data. By reducing paperwork and administrative tasks, ABPathfinder maximizes the time and effort invested in each child. For more information, visit


Changes in leadership at Avant Assessment signal return to roots

Leading provider of language assessments restructures as company founder steps back into CEO role


EUGENE, OR (October 16, 2013) – Avant Assessment, a leading worldwide provider of language proficiency assessments, has restructured in order to focus more intently on what they do best: online language assessment. After a hiatus of several years, David Bong, who cofounded the company in 2001, has returned to lead Avant as Chief Executive Officer. Bong has 40 years of experience in domestic and international business management, sales, and business development. Prior to founding Avant, a career in business in Japan gave Bong a strong appreciation for the power of language to enhance human interaction and build bridges.

Seizing the moment, Avant restructured the leadership team in order to fully harness its expertise in support of Avant’s original mission—to improve language learning through assessments that leverage technology to measure true proficiency. Paul Tucker has been promoted to Chief Product Officer, VP Research and Development, and Mimi Jett has been promoted to Chief Development Officer, VP Business Development and Marketing.

New to Avant is Jeffery Carter, coming on board as Chief Technology Officer to provide strategic and tactical leadership in implementing next generation assessment technologies through partnerships, integrations and proprietary development. Carter brings over 23 years of experience in enterprise systems development and software engineering management across numerous industries.

“It is exciting to be back at Avant leading the return to our roots in online language assessment,” said Bong. “Today more than ever before, language is essential for building bridges between people and nations. Our mission and passion is to build assessments that support those bridges that can bring our world closer together.”



About Avant Assessment

Avant has established itself as a worldwide leader in language proficiency assessments with its STAMP™, Placement™ and custom solutions.  Avant’s valid, reliable language assessments in Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking build student and teacher confidence in real-world learning and deliver accurate standards-based data to inform a more efficient, effective learning process. Delivered via the Web, Avant’s tools are easily accessible, engaging and reliable.

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