myON Reader Named Best Reading Website by the ComputED Gazette, Wins 2013 EDDIE


MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. Oct. 29, 2013 – The winners of the 18th Annual Education Software Review Awards (EDDIE) have been announced, naming myON reader as the best reading website for 2013.

For more than 19 years, The ComputED Gazette has provided online resources for educators and identifies innovative programs and websites that provide resources to encourage student success. In addition to the EDDIES, the ComputED Gazette presents the BESSIE Awards. Both awards were created to evaluate and recognize products that positively impact student learning.

“We are honored that myON reader has been recognized as the leading solution to support students in becoming better readers.  Educational leaders believe that personalized literacy is an essential component to help students achieve maximum reading growth. We believe that myON reader delivers a reading environment that is engaging and creates a fun environment for all students,” said Todd Brekhus, president of myON. “We want to help every child learn to love reading, and we are pleased the EDDIEs have identified myON reader as a leading provider of an impactful literacy program.”

myON reader allows students to access a unique online environment where they have access to the largest collection of enhanced digital books with multimedia supports, including naturally recorded audio, text highlighting and an embedded dictionary.  With a growing collection of over 5,000 titles to choose from, students are provided a recommended booklist that is automatically created by individual interests and reading level using The Lexile® Framework for Reading. Through embedded assessments students and teachers are able to track and measure reading progress.

The EDDIE Awards recognize innovative and content-rich programs, apps and websites that augment classroom curriculum and improve teacher productivity. Winners are chosen from titles submitted by publishers worldwide.

The complete list of 2013 EDDIE winners can be found at:

About myON™:

 myON, a business unit of Capstone, develops personalized learning environments for students. As the flagship product, myON reader provides access to the largest integrated collection of enhanced digital books with multimedia supports and embedded Lexile assessments to measure reading growth. Using myON reader, students gain confidence in their abilities, take ownership in their reading growth, and achieve success across the curriculum. Since the platform launched in January 2011, more than 3million students have logged on to read upwards of 4.25 million books.  For more information, visit


Nationally Recognized 1:1 Initiative Chooses Prey to Protect Every Device

Pascack Valley Regional High School District includes anti-theft and device recovery software in their mobile device management toolbox

Santiago, Chile & Montvale, NJ (October 29, 2013) Pascack Valley Regional High School District (PVRHSD), one of the nation’s first districts to implement a 1:1 technology plan, boasts that all participants in their learning community have the freedom to explore new approaches, take educational risks, and participate in many opportunities to grow as learners and professionals to meet their district goals. As PVRHSD enters the tenth year of its nationally recognized 1:1 eLearning initiative, they move forward with more confidence than ever as they won’t be taking any risks with device safety and privacy. PVRHSD administrators have entrusted the security of their 1:1 devices to Prey anti-theft, privacy and security software.

PVRHSD provides over 2000 district-owned Mac Books, putting a device in the hands of each student and teacher across their two high school campuses. The goal is to bring students engaging and exciting 21st century teaching and learning to the desktop of every student. Over the past 10 years, PVRHSD has expanded it’s 1:1 initiative and their device management tool box as theycontinue to improve upon their support and tools for this initiative, including security of each device.

“Since launching our 1:1 initiative in 2004, we have watched device security and protection evolve. Early on we realized security and privacy would be amongst our greatest concerns.” Christopher DeNoia, Network Administrator at PVRHSD says. “When we discovered Prey we found a partner who shares our belief that successful 1:1 implementation means providing tools that protect student privacy and device security while allowing devices the freedom to access the needed apps and networks, in addition to providing teachers and administrators peace of mind allowing us to focus on what is important; learning.”

Prey, a leading provider of cross-platform, anti-theft and device recovery to the U.S. education marketplace, is being included in device management & security portfolios for school districts across the nation to protect their various tech initiatives.  From MacBooks and iPads, PC’s and Window’s devices to Android and Linux platforms, Prey offers features like hardware scans, device history, geolocation; as well as the ability to lock and delete passwords and take screen shots & photos from a device camera once a device is reported missing.

“We are excited to be working with PVRHSD. As a leader in 1:1 initiatives in K-12 education, we are honored they chose our solution to protect their investment and their students. We know they had evaluated several solutions.” Says Prey Co-Founder, Tomas Pollak. “Their decision to include Prey in their MDM toolbox is extremely rewarding as Prey Education was founded for this very reason; to give innovative school districts like PVRHSD the freedom to explore how technology can improve instruction. By protecting student privacy and information, administrators like Mr. DeNoia and his team can focus their attention on learning, truly seeing how their commitment to technology and 21st century skills will benefit student learning.”

For more about Pascack Valley Regional High School District, please visit them online at:

For more about Prey and to sign up for a complimentary trial, visit them online at:

About Prey:

Prey is a privately held software company founded in 2008.  The Prey team is comprised of developers and tech folks with years of experience in building platforms, apps and more that are always looking for ways to keep technology and its users protected and safe.

At Prey, our users and the devices we protect always come first.  Our creative thinking and dedication to detail allows Prey to provide the best possible solution for any device, regardless of platform.


Responsive Classroom Helps Teachers Meet Common Core Challenges

Professional Development is Key to Reaching Rigorous Goals


Turners Falls, Massachusetts—Northeast Foundation for Children (NEFC), developer of the Responsive Classroom®approach to elementary teaching, has just released a white paper detailing how Responsive Classroom practices help teachers meet the rigorous goals of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). The white paper, titled “Teacher Skill Drives Common Core Success: How Responsive Classroom Helps,” explains that effective, high quality teaching is required if students are to learn in the ways intended by the Common Core.

“The single most important factor in achieving the standards is teachers with instructional prowess,” says NEFC executive director Lora Hodges. “Proficient teachers engage all students, lift them to high levels of content mastery, provoke critical thinking and deep analysis, and coach students into becoming strong communicators and collaborators.”

Since 1981, teachers have been turning to Responsive Classroom professional development to increase their capacity for transformative teaching. Through Responsive Classroom training, they learn practical strategies for developing competencies in three key domains: (1) engaging academics, (2) effective management, and (3) positive community. Teacher strength in these three domains means students can develop the academic, social, and emotional skills needed to achieve the rigorous learning called for by the Common Core. Indeed, recent research by the University of Virginia found that Responsive Classroom increases teachers’ use of standards-based practices and leads to higher-quality instruction.

The white paper explains in detail how the Responsive Classroom approach aligns with the Common Core, focusing on howResponsive Classroom teaching practices address four specific CCSS challenges: creating a climate of learning, engaging students in rich academic conversations, teaching more complex content and skills, and fostering genuine student engagement.

“To effectively implement the Common Core,” says Lora Hodges, “our teachers need the appropriate training and resources. Responsive Classroom is a proven source of such professional development, a way to build teachers’ capacity to make the instructional shifts that will prepare students to fully participate in, contribute to, and thrive in our ever-evolving society. We stand ready to partner with schools and districts in reaching success with the Common Core.”

About Northeast Foundation for Children, Inc., and the Responsive Classroom Approach

Northeast Foundation for Children, Inc., a not-for-profit educational organization, is the developer of Responsive Classroom, a research-based approach to elementary education that leads to greater teacher effectiveness, higher student achievement, and improved school climate. Responsive Classroom practices help educators become more effective in three interrelated domains: engaging academics, positive community, and effective management. The Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) has recognized the Responsive Classroomapproach as one of the most effective and well-designed programs for teaching academic, social, and emotional learning.