7th Annual State Teacher Policy Yearbook Release, Jan. 30

The National Council on Teacher Quality (NCTQ) will release its seventh annual State Teacher Policy Yearbook on Jan. 30, 2014. The 2013 Yearbook reviews state laws, rules and regulations that govern the teaching profession, including key policy areas such as teacher preparation, evaluation, tenure and dismissal, alternative certification and compensation.

The Yearbook will provide each state with a grade and a set of tailored recommendations for improving teacher policy. This year’s release shows a majority of states making significant progress, with 31 states raising their grade since 2011.

Additionally, a revamped state policy portion of NCTQ’s website will make it easier to search teacher policies within and across states and to share ready-made graphics and other data from the Yearbook. The new web pages will go live with the release of the report.

More information on NCTQ’s earlier Yearbook editions can be found here.

About NCTQ
The National Council of Teacher Quality ─comprised of reform-minded Democrats, Republicans, and Independents─ is a non-partisan research and policy group committed to restructuring the teaching profession based on the belief that all children deserve effective teachers. More information about NCTQ, including a list of the Board of Directors and Advisory Board, can be found on the NCTQ website, www.nctq.org.

For more information, please contact Maegan Rees, mrees@nctq.org,  (202) 393-0020 x 117