Podcasts deliver firsthand accounts

From Ratzenberger to STEM to robotics,

Pitsco podcasts cover it all

It’s one thing to read about a successful program, but to hear a firsthand account from a program developer, a teacher, or an administrator is an even greater means of evaluating a company and its products.


Toward that end, Pitsco Education has set up a podcast page as part of its community site geared toward teachers, administrators, and anyone else who wants to learn about the company’s products and curricula.


Most of the podcasts are from five to 12 minutes long, and many are compilations of excerpts from interviews on Education Talk Radio. They cover a wide range of topics from general CTE and STEM news to specific features on 3-D printing curriculum, a STEM Exploratorium, TETRIX® Robotics, an Oklahoma charter school, and even thoughts on education from John Ratzenberger of Cheers andMade in America fame.


Stay current on the latest STEM news and curricula by subscribing to the Pitsco Education podcast RSS feed. Listen today athttp://community.pitsco.com/podcasts/. Learn more about Pitsco Education at www.pitsco.com.



QuickKey_red_banner copy


May 23 2014. Cambridge, MA – Hot on the heels of a $100,000 equity investment last week, today the 300,000th quiz was scanned using Quick Key Mobile’s app that turns your iPhone into an optical scanner. Teachers use Quick Key Mobile to scan and score paper-based quizzes and tests, saving them a dozen hours a week of time spent hand-grading. 

The time saved allows teachers to do more frequent formative assessment, a teaching method proven to be highly effective at raising student achievement. Even teachers who don’t do frequent formative assessment find that Quick Key Mobile saves them many hours a week, letting them focus on creating engaging lessons, and pinpointing students who might need personal attention. 

According to Younis Aydin, the Computer Instructor at Omangazi Middle School, in Istanbul, Turkey, “Before Quick Key it would take me at least a week to grade 400 exams, now with Quick Key it takes me an hour. Quick Key is amazing, perfect, and super!”

Quick Key Mobile’s co-founder and CEO, Isaac D. Van Wesep, credits the Quick Key community of teachers with the company’s success. “before we launched Quick Key, we had nearly 3,000 teachers sign up to be beta testers. That kind of enthusiasm has continued, with teachers sharing tips and tricks on how to use Quick Key Mobile on our user forum, and even writing articles on sophisticated pedagogy with Quick Key Mobile at the core.” 

See a live count of quizzes scanned at the company’s Website, www.quickkeyapp.com