New, Free K-12 App Provides Simple,Powerful Formative Assessment Tool

 Verso App offers unique visibility on student learning 

Its revolutionary approach recognizes the importance of feedback,student voice and data as key ingredients for personalizing instruction.

BOSTON (July 17, 2014) – Verso Learning this week announced the United States launch of its formative assessment tool, Verso App. Already used by 1,700 K-12 schools in 95 countries, Verso made its U.S. debut at the three-day Building Learning Communities (BLC14) Conference in Boston.


Colin Wood, CEO of the Australian-based company, said the Verso App enhances relationships between and among students and teachers.


“Using Verso App, teachers enter the classroom fully aware of students’ questions, ideas, misconceptions and what they are revealing as their individual learning needs,” Wood said. “Teachers now know what they have to do to support every student in moving forward.”


For students, they have to submit their own independent responses to challenges before being allowed to see all their classmates’ original ideas.


“Since these responses are anonymous, it gives students the confidence to take risks they may not otherwise take,” Wood said.  “As they collaborate and reward quality contributions with ‘likes,’ they are giving and receiving feedback and using that feedback to shape their thinking.”


He noted that peer and teacher feedback, along with access to key data on process and performance, allow students to develop and track their own capacity to critically question, discover, connect, collaborate and contribute.


“Verso App takes questioning and collaboration to the next level,” said Samantha Vella, elementary teacher, Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Sydney, Australia.  “Every student in my classroom now has a voice.”


Alan November, founder of November Learning, international leader in education technology and host to the BLC14 Conference, said of the app, “Verso provides the life blood – student questions – in a safe and encouraging way, allowing teachers to personalize instruction.”


Significantly, the Verso App is a powerful formative assessment tool as teachers can group the students by the type and quality of their feedback, which allows for easy identification of those who are comprehending the subject as well as those who may require further personalized attention or are ready to proceed further.


“Teachers tell us that the beauty of the app’s unique features change the dynamics of the classroom,” Wood said. “It not only makes them more effective at engaging and challenging their students, but through their own data on process and performance they quickly are able to determine what’s working and not working.”


The app is free, available through iTunes and Google Play, and works on any mobile device as well as most popular browsers. It was launched seven months ago in Australia.


The Verso team will continue to introduce the app today and Friday at the BLC14 Conference before attending the LoneStar TIA Conference in Texas on Tuesday (July 22) where additional workshops are scheduled.


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