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State Legislative Advocacy News

Connecticut’s state legislative efforts were selected as examples of teacher leadership by the US Department of Education. The story, “Standing Up for Social Studies. Read all about it at the DOE’s Teach to Lead initiative website:

Do you have an advocacy story to share?
Then contact me at with “Advocacy Story” in the subject heading and provide a summary that includes:

THE BEGINNING: A brief description of how your leadership story began. Did you initiate the process from a perceived need? Did a district leader or principal begin the work? What problems were you trying to solve?

PROCESS DESCRIPTION: How did your leadership story develop? What were the goals? What, specifically, did you and leaders do to solve the problem that brought you together? What supports were needed? What is the status of the work now?

RESULTS: What outcomes resulted from your leadership efforts? Were there student learning or teacher learning outcomes? What changes have you seen take place because of your leadership efforts in action?

CONTACT INFORMATION:  1) the names, email addresses, and phone numbers of the educators involved in the story; and 2) the name of the school, district, and/or state involved and tell if it is urban, rural, or suburban.

Ana Post, Director of External Relations & Council Communication

National Council for the Social Studies