NEW YORK CITY – The Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship – the 26 year-old international non-profit which teaches entrepreneurship to young people in 19 U.S. communities and 12 countries – today announced two new technology and entrepreneurship programs in five U.S. communities serving more than 500 students.


Collectively called ‘Startup Tech,’ the new programs are underway in middle schools in Southeast Florida, Seattle, Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles as well as six high schools in New York City.


Students in the high school program will learn to write computer code, develop a computer or Internet based business plan and construct a working prototype of their concept. Currently, more than 300 are in the program.


Startup Tech middle school students will use existing smart phone application (app) development platforms designed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to create app prototypes. The apps created by NFTE students will be entered into a national competition in which the innovators of the top 10 apps will travel to Washington, D.C. to work with developers to turn their ideas into working prototypes. The middle school program is serving more than 300 students.


Unlike other technology and coding programs, the NFTE Startup Tech programs teach computer and app skills in conjunction with an entrepreneurship and business mindset which is the core of the standard NFTE curriculum. Teaching an entrepreneurial mindset helps students connect classroom learning to real-world opportunity and provides young people with tools and attitudes to overcome adversity and address future personal, economic, community and global challenges.


“Entrepreneurial thinking is an essential 21st century life and work mindset and understanding and building technology products is a vital job skill,” said Kim Smith, Chief Learning Officer of NFTE. “Students who can master the technology and apply it like an entrepreneur will have a real advantage and we’re excited to be a part of that process.”


Both the middle and high school programs are semester-long pilot programs run by teachers trained and certified by NFTE.


Using the lessons from these 2014 pilots, the high school programs in New York are expected to double to 12 schools in 2015 and expand to other communities. Under consideration for the high school expansion are the San Francisco Bay Area, Chicago and South Florida. A similar expansion will take place for the middle school program.


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For information on which schools are providing Startup Tech to students or to interview students or teachers, please contact


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Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship – Since 1987, the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) has taught and inspired more than 500,000 young people to pursue educational opportunities, start their own businesses, and succeed in life. By providing entrepreneurship education programs relevant to the real world, NFTE empowers students to own their education and future success. NFTE has programs in 19 U.S. communities and 12 countries. To learn more, like us on Facebook at and follow us on Twitter at @NFTE


Odysseyware High School equivalency test prep courses available

Online courses help students prepare for most common high school equivalency tests

(CHANDLER, Ariz.) Nov. 11, 2014 – To prepare high school students and adult learners for new versions of high school equivalency tests, Odysseyware has launched three brand new test prep courses.


Courses are now available for the 2014 GED®, HiSET® and TASC Test Assessing Secondary Completion™. Each course provides students with the instruction, practice and assessment they need to succeed on these equivalency tests. The courses also include embedded review and practice opportunities, along with study tips and concept review videos.


Unlike traditional test prep approaches, Odysseyware’s courses leverage the platform’s highly engaging content and embedded instructional supports. These supports include real-time vocabulary and glossary search, a text-to-speech tool and translation in multiple languages. In addition, the online courses use direct instruction videos that provide overviews of each test, test-taking strategies and content-specific lessons to hold the attention of digital natives.


“These new courses are reflective of our deep commitment to the career and college readiness of adult learners and graduates.  This same commitment is evident in our extensive Career and Technical Education courses and with our existing ACT test prep course,” said Beth Te Grotenhuis, the president of Odysseyware and CEO of its parent company, Glynlyon.  “As the make-up of these equivalency tests evolves, we are committed to creating the most up to date and relevant support and preparation materials that best prepare adult learners and future graduates to earn a high school degree and prepare for future success.”


Each course practice test reflects the design and question types of the GED®, ACT®, HiSET® and TASC Test Assessing Secondary Completion™, respectively. For more information, visit


About Odysseyware

Headquartered in Chandler, Arizona, Odysseyware is an innovative, multimedia-enriched online curriculum. Completely web-based, Odysseyware provides 21st century educational solutions by offering the core subjects of history and geography, math, language arts, and science along with enriching electives, CTE, placement testing, diagnostics and professional development. This curriculum is sold directly through regional education specialists. To learn more, visit or call 877-795-8904.



Tobii Dynavox Expands Access With Spanish Version of Compass Software

English-Spanish bilingual component extends access of popular speech-generating devices and software to individuals with communication challenges

November 11, 2014 03:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

PITTSBURGH–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Tobii Dynavox, the market leader in accessibility and communication solutions for individuals with disabilities, announces the availability of a Spanish version of its Compass Software. Since its release in September 2013, Compass Software has helped thousands of individuals with communication challenges communicate. Compass Software is now available in an English-Spanish bilingual version to help bilingual users communicate at home, school and work.

“We’re excited to offer a combined Spanish and English version of our industry-leading Compass software”

“We’re excited to offer a combined Spanish and English version of our industry-leading Compass software,” said Bob Cunningham, chief strategy and clinical officer at Tobii Dynavox. “This new addition will primarily serve the large population of bilingual Spanish/English speakers in the United States, providing exciting new speech options for those using our speech generating devices as well as those using the Compass iPad perpetual and subscription apps.”

Included with all Tobii Dynavox devices, on the iPad app and in a free update for existing Compass software users, Spanish Compass includes a Spanish language choice in the Interface Settings menu, Spanish strings throughout the systems menus, Spanish word prediction and word morphology, Spanish TTS voices and Spanish versions of the All Access and Navigator page sets.

Spanish Compass can now be found on the Tobii Dynavox T10, T15, I-12, I-15, M-8 and Compass app. A highly requested feature, the release of Spanish Compass greatly increases the reach of Compass, particularly in the United States.

The innovative and research-based Compass features a variety of page sets and comprehensive communication tools that make personalization easy. Additionally, the added power of the free personal myDynaVox account allows users to seamlessly connect and share content among family members, members of the support team and other users, as well as back up and restore personal communication content.

About Tobii Dynavox

Tobii Dynavox, part of the Tobii Technology Group, is the global market leader in assistive and augmentative communication (AAC), helping individuals with speech and communication impairments lead richer and more independent lives. Tobii Dynavox has developed a reputation as an innovative and caring industry thought leader delivering advanced tools available for a wide array of disabled communities through touch-based and the award-winning eye-tracking and gaze-controlled hardware and software. For more information, please visit