Triumph Learning Announces Common Core Coach In Spanish

Curriculum helps students in dual-language classrooms master language skills

New York, NY (PRWEB) November 13, 2014

Triumph Learning, producer of critically acclaimed K-12 texts and interactive digital tools, announces the Spanish edition of the Common Core Coach program. Developed for dual language instruction and two-way immersion classrooms, Tutor de Estándares Comunes, Artes del lenguaje, features Spanish-language support to help native speakers in grades three through five master language arts skills and strategies emphasized by Common Core State Standards.

“As school populations grow and diversify, it is important to offer learning tools that support every child,” said Mike Morley, publisher for Triumph Learning. “Common Core Coach offers differentiated instruction in Spanish to help students for whom English is a second language acquire skills and succeed in the classroom.”

Developed to address Common Core State Standards, Tutor de Estándares Comunes, Artes del lenguaje, enables meaningful instruction and practice through rich and rigorous tools that deepen student understanding and improve assessment results. The new edition of this comprehensive educational curriculum includes teacher-led instruction, collaborative peer work and independent practice for bilingual students. All lessons include expectations for reading, writing, speaking, listening and language conventions, allowing students to develop language arts skills using texts and activities in Spanish. Free sample lessons are available now, and schools can place pre-orders, which will ship in spring.

Common Core Coach is an inclusive curriculum that adds depth, understanding and practice to Common Core standards and skills instruction. Teachers guide students to master skills with structured lessons. Concepts are introduced in multiple ways, and the program provides ample time for assessment, student collaboration and independent practice of all concepts and skills.

About Triumph Learning
Triumph Learning, LLC, is a leading educational content company and publisher of print and digital K-12 resources, standards-aligned instructional materials and effective literacy programs. Triumph Learning serves more than 6 million students in 36,000 schools with unique student solutions, robust teacher support, and professional development opportunities. Triumph Learning is committed to serving all students with a mix of interactive digital tools and innovative student texts with products such as Coach, Buckle Down, and Waggle. For more information, visit



Positive Experiences Lead Illinois School Districts To Choose Skyward School Business Suite

STEVENS POINT, Wis. (Nov. 13, 2014) – Two Illinois school districts have designated Skyward, an industry leading K-12 school administrative software provider, to improve business operations within their districts. The School Business Suite from Skyward will help Prairie Grove Consolidated School District 46 (CSD46) and Lyons School District 103 reduce costs and improve district-wide efficiencies.

Positive experiences and the ability to include additional features as needed, attracted the Illinois districts to the company’s services. The Skyward School Business Suite allows proper analysis and explanation of financial and human resources data, resulting in cost savings and more clarity on expenses and revenues.

A small school district with nearly 800 students and 130 staff members, Prairie Grove CSD46 searched for a web-based solution that streamlined the preparation and monitoring of its budget. As business manager at Prairie Grove CSD46, Anna Kasprzyk is responsible for the district’s many business operations, including accounting, payroll, risk management and human resources. After using Skyward at a previous district, Kasprzyk saw a noticeable difference in everyday business activities without the software.

“Skyward is able to accommodate the different needs of each school district and streamline its many processes into one easy-to-use system,” said Kasprzyk. “The fact that Skyward is a well-established company gives our district peace of mind that there is support when we need it.”

Lyons School District 103 is a PK-8 district with more than 2,500 students and 425 staff members. With increases in students and staff, director of technology, Bryan Drozd, found that problems with data integrity and procedural miscues were becoming more prevalent. Three years after implementing the student database from Skyward, staff at Lyons School District 103 has become very familiar with the system, making the transition to the School Business Suite a logical choice.

“The most important feature is its ability to properly define and regulate processes, especially related to ordering and payroll,” said Drozd. “We can address these procedural inconsistencies and better manage access to timely information about our budget at the school and district level.”

Skyward serves more than 5 million students and 1,800 school districts worldwide. For more than 30 years, Skyward has provided industry-leading school administrative software that empowers educators to effectively integrate, manage and analyze all critical education data, including student information, academic performance, finance and human resources.

For more information on Skyward administrative software and IT consulting services for K-12 districts, visit

About Skyward
Skyward is a leading provider of K-12 school administrative software that surpasses districts’ needs in state reporting, improves operational capabilities, and opens communication between schools and families. Today, the Skyward School Management System™ is used in more than 1,800 school districts worldwide, ranging from districts with as few as 50 students to statewide implementations supporting more than 800,000 students. Founded in 1980, Skyward serves school districts with its integrated student, finance, and human resources suite of products and is proudly made and supported in the United States. To learn more, visit


ASCD Presents Whole Child Symposium on Teacher Leadership

Alexandria, VA (11/13/2014)—ASCD, a global community dedicated to excellence in learning, teaching, and leading, is pleased to announce the fall 2014 Whole Child Symposium, which will focus on the theme of “Teacher Leadership.” In this panel event, education leaders, experts, and practitioners will define the teacher leader role, analyze its importance to the profession, and describe how administrators and the education system can prepare future teacher leaders for success.

The symposium will take place on December 3, 2014, from 1:30–4:30 p.m. eastern time, in the Knight Studio at the Newseum in Washington, D.C., and will be streamed live for free

“The role of teachers as leaders truly enhances the processes of both teaching and learning for everyone in a school,” said Judy Seltz, ASCD executive director. “In districts across the country, teachers are seeking guidance about the definition and parameters of the teacher leader role. ASCD has designed the fall 2014 Whole Child Symposium to both provide concrete action steps education systems and administrators can take to empower current teacher leaders, and identify and develop leaders of the future.”

The value of teacher leadership is widely agreed upon, but the several names currently attached to the role—specialist, instructional coach, mentor, and team leader—indicate that there is not yet agreement on a formal teacher leader role and that the term has different meanings to different people. Additionally, many educators who view themselves as teacher leaders are still awaiting schoolwide support for their preparation and professional development.

“During the upcoming Whole Child Symposium, our panelists will tackle the what, why, and how of teachers as leaders,” said Sean Slade, ASCD director of whole child programs. “We want to hear from both national education leaders and those still in the classroom about how to develop a clear plan for aspiring teacher leaders to ascend to the role and how our school systems can properly support this development.”

The symposium will include two panels. The first will present organizational and systems-level approaches to teacher leadership, including the Department of Education’s Teach to Lead initiative. Participants in this panel are

  • Becky Pringle—vice president, National Education Association.
  • Maddie Fennell—classroom fellow, U.S. Department of Education.
  • Tanya Tucker—vice president of alliance engagement, America’s Promise Alliance.

The second panel will present on-the-ground and in-the-school perspectives of teacher leadership. Participants in this panel are

  • Robyn Jackson—author of the ASCD book Never Underestimate Your Teachers: Instructional Leadership for Excellence in Every Classroom.
  • Peter DeWitt—former elementary principal, education consultant, and ASCD author.
  • Jennifer Orr—ASCD emerging leader and kindergarten teacher.

In May 2014, the inaugural symposium focused on the theme “Choosing Your Tomorrow Today” and brought together education thought leaders to explore what should be taught in schools for children, societies, and economies to be successful tomorrow. The upcoming event in December will bring new voices into the conversation and seek answers to teacher leadership questions that will influence the effectiveness of present and future education systems. Educators can watch the event and follow @ASCD on Twitter, using the hashtag #WCS14 to hear more about the topic and share their input.

For more information about ASCD’s Whole Child Initiative, visit To learn about ASCD books from authors Robyn Jackson, Peter DeWitt, and many others, visit You can also find out more about ASCD’s other programs, products, services, and memberships


ASCD is a global community dedicated to excellence in learning, teaching, and leading. Comprising 125,000 members—superintendents, principals, teachers, and advocates from more than 138 countries—the ASCD community also includes 56 affiliate organizations. ASCD’s innovative solutions promote the success of each child. To learn more about how ASCD supports educators as they learn, teach, and lead, visit


Changes in State Boards of Education after the November 2014 Elections
BY Kristen Amundson
The 2014 midterm elections could profoundly remake the nation’s education policy landscape. A wave of
new state leaders is poised to recalibrate the national transition to college- and career-ready standards,
next-generation student assessments, and other core standards-based reforms.
This significant transition of power coincides with an undeniable moment of parent and public anxiety
about everything from the Common Core State Standards, to the assessment consortia (and the related
issue of real and perceived testing burdens), to student data privacy. State board members, and the other
state leaders they influence, are looking for guidance now about how to respond to heightened public
concern, but they will not hesitate to act when they convene in 2015.
Not only will new governors, legislators, and state board members affect K-12 education in the states,
they will also pressure the US Congress and the administration to recast federal education law—including
the next iteration of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). Key congressional leaders,
including Senate education chairman Lamar Alexander (R-TN) and House education chairman John Kline
(R-MN), have said ESEA will be a top priority in the coming months. New state board members will be
in direct communication with Washington to shape that legislation.
Given growing public concern, education policy could also become enmeshed in the 2016 presidential
race. What will be absolutely key to ensuring that Congress and presidential candidates avoid overreach
and do not disrupt years of important reforms is a stable set of state policies that stay the course on
nationwide reform.
Next year, Republican governors will serve in at least 31 states (an increase of 3, with two races
undecided as of November 12) and will hold 69 state legislative chambers (an increase of 8 and a modern
era record). Republicans will control both legislative bodies and the governor’s mansion in 24 states
(compared with 6 such states for Democrats). Ten states filled open governor’s seats (seven Republicans
and three Democrats). These changes could have major implications for ongoing implementation of
several prominent education reforms, including the Common Core State Standards, follow-through on the
PARCC and Smarter Balanced assessments, and development and implementation of educator evaluation
Gubernatorial power shifts are particularly important, not only because of the governors’ direct leadership
and bully pulpit, but because of their power to make state board member appointments, which could
compound pressure on key education reform initiatives. For example, surprise Republican wins in the
Democratic strongholds of Illinois, Maryland, and Massachusetts, and a win in Arkansas will lead to new
state board of education appointments. In each of these four PARCC assessment states, the governor
appoints the state board, and the board in turn appoints the chief state school officer. Conversely,
Democrats gained control of Pennsylvania’s governor’s office, where the governor appoints both the state
board and the chief state school officer. Education policy and spending, particularly regarding

Tales2Go Wins a Tech & Learning Award of Excellence

Tales2Go recognized as an innovative and effective classroom tool for reading instruction  

Bethesda, MD – November 13, 2014 – Tales2Go Inc., a leading provider of audio books for early childhood programs and primary schools, announces today it has been awarded a Tech & Learning 2014 Award of Excellence.  Tech & Learning’s Awards of Excellence program has been recognizing outstanding edtech products for over 30 years.

Tales2Go is a Netflix-like subscription service that streams thousands of name-brand audio book titles from popular publishers to desktops, laptops and mobile devices in the classroom and beyond, giving users instant, unlimited and simultaneous access. For the first time, a teacher can assign the same audio book to an entire class or grade.

“We are honored to be chosen by the educator panel and the editors of Tech & Learning for this prestigious award,” said Tales2Go Co-Founder and CEO, William Weil.  “We’re thrilled that an increasing number of educators see efficacy in adding a listening component to reading instruction.  With just 35% of U.S. fourth graders reading at or above proficiency, there’s work to be done.  The root cause of the problem is a lack of vocabulary, commonly referred to as the ‘word gap.’  Children require repeated exposure to fluent words, spoken in context in order to develop a large and robust vocabulary.”

Tales2Go supports the development of literacy skills during the most critical early childhood and elementary years, when students acquire a foundation of vocabulary and fluency necessary for academic success.  Listening skills are given special emphasis within the Common Core State Standards, as literacy experts have long understood that children need to be good listeners in order to become good readers. The Tales2Go service is used differently across ages and grade levels, ranging from individual to group use with or without physical books in hand.

A detailed description of Tales2Go and judges’ comments about why it was selected for the award will be included in the December 2014 Awards issue of Tech & Learning.

For more information on Tales2Go, please visit:

About Tales2Go:
Tales2Go is a Netflix­‐like service that streams thousands of name-brand audio book titles from leading publishers to desktops, laptops and mobile devices in the classroom and beyond. The Company has innovated on both the delivery and business model of distributing audio books to schools, early childhood programs and parents, giving users instant, unlimited and simultaneous access to its full catalog. Tales2Go offers piloting opportunities as well as monthly and annual subscription plans, including bulk pricing for schools. More information at

About Tech & Learning:
For over 30 years, Tech & Learning has been — and continues to be — the leading resource for K-12 leaders. Its publications, Web sites and events provide factual and evaluative information on trends, products, and strategies to educators who purchase technology products in their districts and schools. Tech & Learning, published by NewBay Media LLC, delivers the highest quality content and essential resources to manage, train, and teach technology. For more information, visit