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One giant leap for humanoids

WRO team from Qatar competes with

TETRIX® humanoid robot

Vlad-humanoid robot

DOHA, QATAR (January 8, 2015) — Every year, high school and college robotics teams from around the world compete in the World Robot Olympiad (WRO). But in order to make it there, they have to first win nationally. To do so requires a robot worthy of performing at the highest level.


While LEGO® MINDSTORMS® is required for the control and sensors, National Robot Olympiad (NRO) and WRO teams competing in the Open categories can choose from a number of building systems to create their robots. The high school members of team Operation X — Jue Zhou, Julian Sam, Hadi Ballout, and Osama Hyder — from the American School of Doha (ASD) in Qatar chose Pitsco Education’s TETRIX® MAX Building System to create Vlad, their humanoid robot.


“We enjoy the TETRIX system,” said Zhou, “because it is a completely new type of engineering for our engineers and programmers to work with.”


Compatibility with the LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Brick makes TETRIX MAX a good choice for teams that want sturdy robots with flexible building options.


“The multitude of parts available and the way in which they work impresses our engineers every day,” said Zhou. “With a project as big as a humanoid, we thought it would be the perfect usage for TETRIX parts.”


TETRIX MAX, known for both its flexibility and durability, gives robotics teams that extra edge. With high-grade aluminum alloy parts and powerful motor and servo options, it enables teams to create maneuverable yet powerful robots.


Vlad greets crowd

And then there’s the wow factor.”In Qatar, most people were blown away from the complexity of our robot,” said Julian Sam. “There was none other as massive at the competition. . . . The TETRIX pieces were rare in the Qatar competition, and to see it used in a humanoid was surprising to people.”

And in both Qatar and Sochi, Russia, where the WRO finals were held, people flocked to interact and take pictures with Vlad. Part of a final Sochi update on the ASD Robotics Team’s Facebook page states, “The highlight for us, I think, was taking Vlad on one last walk around the venue. Wherever he went, he drew a crowd — youngsters and oldsters alike loved him and [crowded] around to shake his hand and have their pictures taken with him.” 


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