A Reading App that Aims to Change our Education System

CAP IT!® Introduces a New Approach to Reading Instruction Los Angeles, Mar. 2015 — CAP IT!® Learning announced the release of an app that aims to address the reading crisis that is crippling the American education system. Implementing a new methodology is their main objective. While schools around the country teach reading using multiple strategies — such as the alphabet song, sight words, syllables, word families, and phonemic awareness exercises — CAP IT!® uses only one strategy. “Over two thirds of American students are not reading on grade level, and everybody is blaming everybody else,” said Eyal Rav-Noy, co-founder of CAP IT!® Learning. “It’s time to end the blame game. The problem is not bad teachers, or a lack of funding.

The problem is with the reading curriculums. Our approach to reading instruction has never been tried in America, but has proven successful in other literate countries.” Their patent-pending system reduces the English language to just 46 sounds and 181 spelling patterns. They teach reading by teaching students all 46 sounds, and then showing students how to spell each sound in multiple ways.

“In essence,”said Tzippy Rav-Noy, co-founder of CAP IT!® Learning, “we’ve hacked the English language and made it logical, and decodable.” CAP IT!® Learning claims their approach is based on research, such as the National Reading Panel Report (NRP 2000), and is congruent with successful reading systems used around the world.

Their final product will be an app that teaches, evaluates, and reports automatically, without the help of an instructor. CAP IT!® is free for beta testers, and is currently available by invitation only. About CAP IT!® Learning CAP IT!® Learning is an Education Technology (EdTech) startup that specializes in reading instruction. Their co-founders, Eyal Rav-Noy and Tzippy Rav-Noy, have over 20 years experience in the education field. Their successful Hebrew reading system is currently used in countries around the world.

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ABPathfinder Recognized as Leading Special Needs Solution


etd-ct-win-2015ABPathfinder Recognized as Leading Special Needs Solution

Innovative cloud-based software platform wins EdTech Digest’s “Cool Tool” Award

OVERLAND PARK, KS – (April 2, 2015) –ABPathfinder, Inc., developer of a cloud-based software tool to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of autism therapy, has earned anEdTech Digest “Cool Tool” Award for its innovative cloud-based software platform that helps special education teachers collect data and analyze performance.

“We’re proud to be recognized, especially during Autism Awareness Month, for our dedication to helping students with special needs develop skills and achieve their potential,” said Jeff Blackwood, president and CEO of ABPathfinder. “With our cutting-edge software, educators no longer have to use paper and pencil to track personalized lesson data. This increased efficiency goes a long way in maximizing the time and effort they can invest into every student.”

ABPathfinder captures real-time data and graphs student progress, allowing for efficient tracking of skills, behaviors and goals. With readily accessible data, educators can develop effective individualized therapy plans, as well as make informed decisions on forthcoming strategies.

Studies demonstrate that ABPathfinder improves measurable outcomes, with students acquiring skills up to 20 percent faster when the company’s technology is used. The software also saves schools time and resources. ABPathfinder cuts administration and planning time in half, enabling educators to focus their attention on students rather than paperwork.

EdTech Digest’s awards program honors innovative products that transform education and inspire students. The acclaimed online publication also recognized ABPathfinder as a finalist of the “product or service setting a trend” category this year, and a finalist for “emerging technology solution” last year.

“The finalists and winners are pushing forward today’s education revolution,” said EdTech Digest Editor-in-Chief Victor Rivero. “They are reshaping the education culture, and they are creating a new and better future for students everywhere.”


 About ABPathfinder, Inc.

ABPathfinder, Inc. develops cutting-edge healthcare technology to dramatically enrich the lives of students and individuals with autism. The cloud-based platform helps educators and therapists craft lesson plans, as well as collect, graph and analyze performance data. By reducing paperwork and administrative tasks, ABPathfinder maximizes the time and effort invested in each child.

For more information, visit http://www.abpathfinder.com.