Honoring Ed Tech Champion Kathy Hurley
Washington, DC (April 17, 2015) – CoSN (the Consortium for School Networking) has renamed its annual Private Sector Champion award in recognition of long-time education technology supporter Kathy Hurley.
The association of school system technology leaders, representing more than 10 million students nationwide, honored Hurley at its 2015 Annual Conference last month in Atlanta.
“Throughout her long career, Kathy Hurley has been a lifelong educational advocate who has been a champion for public-private partnerships that advance technology in education,” said Keith Krueger, CEO of CoSN. “Her extraordinary dedication and contributions are what made Kathy so deserving of this honor. We are proud to have her name forever associated to our Private Sector Champion award.”
With more than 40 years of experience in the education industry in both traditional publishing and the education technology sectors, Hurley’s career began as a special education teacher. She then moved to the private sector, working in sales, marketing and business development for DLM, Grolier, Mindscape, IBM, SkillsBank, The Learning Company, NetSchool, PLATO Learning, and Pearson and the Pearson Foundation.
In addition to her work as an executive, Hurley served on numerous education and industry boards, including eight years on CoSN’s Board of Directors. She currently serves on the boards of NCTET, People-to-People, Asia Society, Spark 101, Women’s Education Project, Nervanix, Ventris, and in 2009-2010, was the Chair for the Partnership for 21st Century Skills (P21). A 2005 AEP Hall of Fame inductee, Hurley was awarded the SIIA Industry Impact Award in 2012.
Hurley last year co-founded a new global non-profit, Girls Thinking Global, which seeks to connect change-makers to girl empowerment organizations worldwide. She is also co-editor of the new Wiley book, Real Women, Real Leaders: Surviving and Succeeding in the Business World, set for publication on April 20.
To learn more about the Kathy Hurley Private Sector Champion award, please visit:cosn.org/about/awards/private-sector-champion.

About CoSN 
CoSN is the premier professional association for school system technology leaders. The mission of CoSN is to empower educational leaders to leverage technology to realize engaging learning environments. Visit cosn.org or call 866-267-8747 to find out more about CoSN’s focus areas, annual conference and eventsadvocacy and policy, membership, and the CETL certification exam.


Montgomery County Schools to Use i-Ready to Help Improve Student Achievement as Part of District’s i3 Grant Project

Curriculum Associates to support district as it implements its new “A Culture Creating Effective Systems for Success” (ACCESS) program


NORTH BILLERICA, Mass., April 20, 2015—Curriculum Associates has partnered with Montgomery County Schools (MCS) in Troy, NC to help the district improve student achievement through the implementation of a new development program funded by a three-year Investing in Innovation (i3) Fund grant from the U.S. Department of Education. Curriculum Associates’ i-Ready® Diagnostic & Instruction online program for reading and mathematics will be a part of the district’s new A Culture Creating Effective Systems for Success (ACCESS) program, which was designed to create a district-wide culture of technology-based education.


ACCESS will provide the rural district with high-quality teaching and learning resources that can be accessed anytime, anywhere; expand the reach of effective teachers through connected teaching, instructional redesign and professional learning; and, create a process for teachers and students to readily access assessment data to improve instruction and monitor student progress. With the recently awarded $3.5 million grant, and support through its partnerships with education companies and local organizations, MCS will implement the ACCESS program and provide students with more technology-enabled tools to use in school and at home, including computers for each of its middle and high school students and i-Ready.


“The leadership team at MCS understands the power of edtech in the teaching and learning process,” said Rob Waldron, CEO of Curriculum Associates. “Being a recipient of the i3 grant is a great accomplishment for the district and further underscores its dedication to providing the resources needed to help all students and teachers succeed. We look forward to our ongoing partnership with MCS as they implement a best practice program that can be replicated by other districts across the country.”


Built for the Common Core, i-Ready combines a valid and reliable measure and personalized instruction in a single online product. The adaptive diagnostic for grades K–12 pinpoints student needs down to the sub-skill level and generates a combination of online instruction for grades K–8 and downloadable teacher-led lessons that are unique to each student’s diagnostic result, in addition to providing targeted skill instruction support through mobile apps. These individualized instructional plans are easy to understand, differentiate instruction, and support a blended learning solution.

i-Ready is one of the few programs on the market that can provide districts with a single solution and highly valid and reliable measure to monitor growth and predict student proficiency on a Common Core assessment, in addition to providing personalized instruction throughout a student’s K–12 experience.


To learn more about i-Ready, visit www.i-ready.com.


About Curriculum Associates

Founded in 1969, privately owned Curriculum Associates, LLC designs research-based print and online instructional materials, screens and assessments, and data management tools. The company’s products and outstanding customer service provide teachers and administrators with the resources necessary for teaching diverse student populations and fostering learning for all students.



Apperson Logo blue

Evo Academics Free Teacher Edition Brings Student Assessment to the Cloud in one Easy-to-Manage Tool


Creating, sharing, delivering and grading of tests, along with analysis of results, happens in real-time all in one platform


Charlotte, N.C. – April 20, 2015 – Being able to easily create and deliver quizzes and tests to students in the classroom, and then put the results of those tests to work immediately to help improve student learning was the motivation behind Apperson, Inc. making its Evo Academics assessment platform available free-of-charge to educators everywhere.  The Free Teacher Edition, which was designed by teachers, allows educators to create online quizzes and tests, share tests with colleagues, build and store rubrics, assign tests to students through a student portal, access assessment results in real time, and generate student proficiency reports for the standards assessed.


Evo Academics Free Teacher Edition allows educators to use one platform for both assessment creation and online testing. It supports several questions types, including multiple choice, true/false, short answers and essays. In addition, questions can include passages, images and video and educators have the ability to set assessment parameters such as time limits. For educators who are using Apperson DataLink Scanners, results can be scanned directly into the Evo Academics module so testing can be online, in paper form, or a combination of the two.


“For today’s K-12 educators, assessment plays an integral part in individualized learning and classroom instruction. Educators need to identify each student’s learning needs while gauging overall comprehension of skills and lessons being taught,” said Chairman of the Board, Bill Apperson. “Built with the whole child in mind, the Evo Academics assessment module translates data into useful information at the classroom, school or district level to identify learning opportunities and inform instruction. By offering this free edition, we hope to empower educators in their efforts to provide a deeper and more personalized learning experience for students.”


“As the use of assessments in schools continue to evolve, teachers know and trust Apperson to create easy-to-use and convenient solutions with their everyday needs in mind,” said Brian Ludemann, Apperson’s Director of Application Architecture. “This free cloud-based assessment platform is flexible enough to let educators create and share assessments, while providing the analytics necessary to turn data into action.”


For more information or to sign up for the Evo Academics Free Teacher Edition, visit



About Apperson

Apperson’s K-12 assessment solutions help educators develop a 360° panorama of the student and his or her strengths, as well opportunities to improve, that can inform curriculum decision-making and create positive learning outcomes. Whether it’s DataLink scanners, or the Evo assessment platform, Apperson’s products support and encourage a holistic learning and development approach by helping teachers turn assessment data into actionable information.




AASA Statement: Senate Committee Passes ESEA Reauthorization Bill  

Alexandria, Va. – April 17, 2015 – Daniel A. Domenech, executive director of AASA, The School Superintendents Association, issued the following statement today in response to yesterday’s unanimous decision by the U.S. Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) to pass the Every Child Achieves Act of 2015.

“AASA commends the commitment and leadership of Senators Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) and Patty Murray (D-Wash.) in moving the Senate HELP Committee through the hard work of the bipartisan and comprehensive Every Child Achieves Act. This is a major step towards reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, currently known as No Child Left Behind (NCLB).

“Nearly eight years past due, yesterday’s unanimous vote took coordination and collaboration across the aisle and throughout the nation. We applaud the entirety of the committee for focusing on the broad goal of completing reauthorization and recognizing the importance of compromise in moving federal education policy that provides all students and schools with relief from the broken, outdated NCLB.

“The Every Child Achieves Act restores the balance between federal, state and local government, returning leadership and decision making to the ground level, which is where education experts implement the law. By swinging the pendulum of federal overreach and prescription back to states, ECAA takes a critical step in acknowledging that federal policymakers are neither best positioned nor experienced in knowing what will work for the nation’s more than 13,000 school districts.

“At a time when Congress has a reputation for being slow in implementing legislation, this vote is a clear demonstration that legislators remain committed to working in a bipartisan manner and understand that bringing any policy to fruition requires both commitment and compromise. This vote was for more than just a single bill; it was for expanding opportunity, education and equity.

“We look forward to working with the Senate to protect the very strong core of ECAA and to ensure that any amendments will strengthen our nation’s public schools. The Senate vote is the boldest bipartisan effort I have seen related to ESEA in my tenure at AASA. We look forward to working with the Senate and their House colleagues to bring ESEA reauthorization to a conclusion in 2015.”

For specific questions about ESEA reauthorization, please contact Noelle Ellerson, AASA associate executive director, policy and advocacy, atnellerson@aasa.org.


About AASA
AASA, The School Superintendents Association, founded in 1865, is the professional organization for more than 13,000 educational leaders in the United States and throughout the world. AASA’s mission is to support and develop effective school system leaders who are dedicated to the highest quality public education for all children. For more information, visit www.aasa.org.



Lexia and Clever Announce Strategic Partnership

Lexia Reading Core5 Now Supports Clever’s One-Click Sign On and Automatic SIS Integration

Boston – April 20, 2015 – Lexia Learning, a Rosetta Stone® company, today announced a new relationship with Clever to provide seamless integration between the fundamental literacy technology, Lexia Reading® Core5®, and a school’s or district’s student information system (SIS). Specifically, schools and districts using Lexia Reading Core5 can now use Clever’s technology to ensure that student enrollment records, staff accounts, and class rosters are automatically updated on a nightly basis. Furthermore, with Instant Login by Clever, students can easily access the program with one click from a secure, individual portal without having to manage multiple usernames and passwords.

“Technology must always serve the purpose of enhancing the instructional experience for teachers and students,” said Lexia President Nick Gaehde. “Teaming up with Clever will help provide a streamlined process for student login and classroom roster management, which helps ensure that the focus in the classroom remains on great teaching and learning.”

Clever CEO Tyler Bosmeny added, “Clever’s driving focus has been ensuring students and teachers can spend time on what matters: instruction and learning. We’re excited to further this mission through our partnership with Lexia, and bring our leading edtech platform experience to classrooms across the country.”

For more information schools and districts should contact their sales representative directly by calling 1-800-435-3942.

About Lexia Reading Core5

Built on 30 years of educational research, Lexia Reading Core5 is a technology-based reading program for students of all abilities in pre-kindergarten through grade five. Designed to accelerate fundamental literacy skills development, the program provides a personalized learning path for each student with scaffolding and explicit instruction that supports students if they struggle. Each of the 18 levels of age-appropriate, skill-specific activities aligns to the most rigorous state standards, including the Common Core State Standards. The program simplifies differentiated instruction, enabling at-risk students to close the reading gap more quickly and on-level and advanced students to continue to progress.

The program also includes Lexia’s proprietary Assessment Without Testing® technology. This highly-regarded embedded assessment technology gathers student performance data without administering a test, using norm- and criterion-referenced measurements that are correlated to, and highly predictive of, student outcomes on commonly used measures such as DIBELS® and aimsweb®.

About Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone Inc. (NYSE: RST) is dedicated to changing the way the world learns. The company’s innovative technology-driven language, reading and brain fitness solutions are used by thousands of schools, businesses, government organizations and millions of individuals around the world. Founded in 1992, Rosetta Stone pioneered the use of interactive software to accelerate language learning. Today the company offers courses in 30 languages, from the most commonly spoken (such as English, Spanish and Mandarin) to the less prominent (including Swahili, Swedish and Tagalog). Since 2013, Rosetta Stone has expanded beyond language and deeper into education-technology with its acquisitions of Livemocha, Lexia Learning, Vivity Labs, and Tell Me More. Rosetta Stone is based in Arlington, VA, and has offices around the world.

About Clever

Clever is a leading education technology platform company that offers K-12 schools the simplest way to adopt, manage and use learning software in sync with their existing student information systems.  More than 35,000 schools across the United States use Clever, and more than 150 innovative software applications now integrate with Clever, including Interactive Achievement, Imagine Learning, and DreamBox. In 2012, the SIIA named Clever the “Most Innovative Company in Education,” and in 2013, Clever was awarded first place at SXSWedu. Clever’s headquarters are in San Francisco. For more information contact Clever at (415) 562-6483, press@clever.com, or https://clever.com.





Alliance connects college and career readiness curriculum with ‘virtual’ expert in classrooms


Kingston, Tenn. – April 16, 2015 – WIN Learning, developers of the WIN Career Readiness System, and Nepris, a cloud-based platform connecting STEAM (science, technology, engineering, performing arts and math) professionals with teachers and their students, today announced they have entered into a strategic partnership to provide students with opportunities to connect the knowledge and skills they learn in school to the real world.


The cloud-based Nepris platform connects professionals to classrooms for online, interactive discussions covering the spectrum of STEAM careers, for mentoring or to evaluate student work. By managing the end-to-end process of identifying, matching, and virtually bringing the industry expert into the classroom for an interactive discussion, Nepris allows professionals and companies to manageably and effectively reach out and interact with teachers and their students. The award winning WIN Learning Career Readiness System offers comprehensive career exploration and planning complete with career readiness foundational, academic, and employability skills support. More than 10 million students currently use the WIN system worldwide.


“When we help students understand how their school work is related to their futures, we personalize learning. When we provide students with opportunities to apply that learning and use the acquired skills for reasons beyond passing a test or getting a good grade, we inspire them to think about life beyond the classroom,” said Teresa Chasteen, CEO of WIN Learning. “That’s what this partnership is designed to do.”


The first stage of the partnership will focus on connecting teachers who are using the recently launched WIN Math program with Nepris’ industry professionals.  WIN Math is a career-infused, mathematics and workplace skills program designed for students in grades 5-8. The curriculum is organized into 21 units addressing 16 career clusters with emphasis on STEM subjects. Teachers facilitate instruction through a project-based blended learning model. Working individually or collaboratively, students work on math concepts through projects such as marketing plans or performance charts similar to what might be required in a workplace setting. They then transfer their understanding through embedded formative and summative assessments, giving teachers real time student progress monitoring support.


“Our mission is to connect learners with inspirational industry professionals — to be part of the everyday classroom – whether guiding students through projects, talking about the inner workings of their chosen professions or even evaluating student-created projects – as often as teachers deem necessary – not just once or twice a year during traditional career days, said Sabari Raja, CEO and founder of Nepris. “We are very excited to work with WIN Learning to establish a new quality standard for providing young people to real-world concepts, employment opportunities and possible careers.”


About WIN Learning

Since 1996, WIN has been the leading provider of career readiness solutions to help school districts prepare students for the future, whether they are college, trade school, military or workplace bound. To date, more than 10 million students worldwide have participated in the specialized career–driven courseware and education intervention initiatives as well as career-readiness certification programs.  For more information, go towww.winlearning.com or call 888-717-9461.


About Nepris

Dallas-based Nepris brings STEM to life (and now STEAM, which adds the Arts to science, technology, engineering and mathematics) by connecting professionals with teachers who need speakers or project mentors for interactive, cloud-based sessions. Nepris makes this a turn-key process: identifying and registering professionals and teachers, matching professionals’ skills to the teachers’ needs, advising on best practices for classroom interaction and then hosting the interactive sessions. See Nepris in action at Nepris.com/webinar or sign-up as a teacher or STEAM professional atNepris.com.



Califone Upgrades PA419 with Bluetooth and NFC

As educators continue to deploy more sophisticated audio-visual technology in the classroom and outside, Califone International LLC, the premier manufacturer of quality audio technology and sound presentation solutions for schools, houses of worship, industry, institutions and presenter uses, has upgraded its portable PA419-02 wireless speaker with new wireless capabilities.

With a single unit being loud enough for three hundred people, the 30W PA419-02 is easier to play music from synced smartphones and other mobile devices through an industry-first addition of Bluetooth and NFC (near field communication) capabilities. Added connectivity can also be made with the inclusion of an SD card slot and a USB port to broadcast previously recorded content. A convenient 3.5mm port was also added for a wired connection to a smartphone, another industry first initially seen on the recent introduction of the upgraded PresentationPro.

Portability has been enhanced with a new lithium battery, which in addition to bringing a 15% weight reduction to the PA419-02, also holds a charge longer.

Classrooms are no longer limited to a single device. Students and educators are using multiple tools to deliver and receive instruction,” said Tim Ridgway, vice president of marketing for Califone. “With the PA419-02, devices with Bluetooth, NFC, USB or an SD card can connect and share audio with students for active and engaging lessons.”

The Bluetooth PA419-02 comes standard with dual wireless mic receivers, enabling two wireless presenters and a wired presenter with a wired mic to speak into the PA all at the same time. It also includes a smaller, simplified remote control, built-in handle for carefree portability and a standard 1 3/8” pole mount for optimal tripod placement. Packages are available with a variety of wireless microphones.

The speaker is protected under a 2-year warranty that covers school use.

Read more about the PA419-02 in coverage from Tech & Learning, EdNet and District Administration.


itslearning Named SIIA Education CODiE Award Finalist for Best PK-12 Personalized Learning Solution


BOSTON, MA (April 16, 2015) itslearning (www.itslearning.net), maker of the personalized learning management platform of the same name, today announced that it was named a finalist for the 2015 SIIA Education CODiE Awards for Best PK-12 Personalized Learning Solution. The company was the winner of this category in 2014.  The SIIA CODiE Awards are the premier award for the software and information industries, and have been recognizing product excellence for 29 years. The awards have over 85 categories and are organized by industry focus of Content, Education, and Software.


This year’s program features 28 Education categories, several of which are new or updated to reflect the latest industry trends and business models. New this year, top awards in three overall Education categories will also be presented. Overall categories include Best PK-12 Solution, Best Postsecondary Solution, and Best Education Solution. All winners will be announced during a special awards dinner at the nation’s leading education technology conference, the Education Industry Summit, in San Francisco on May 5. The announcement will also be live streamed.

“Everywhere one turns, whether it is the instructional approach or the management of the materials to be used, technology is at the heart of the 21st century classroom,” said Arne Bergby, CEO of itslearning.  “And when it comes to the notion of personalizing the learning environment for students, it’s our technology solution at itslearning that is helping teachers and students to make such an individualized environment possible.  We are so gratified to be recognized again for the innovative solution we offer.”

Designed specifically for the K-12 sector, the itslearning platform’s seamless integration with existing systems creates a user-friendly interface that gives teachers a way to share instructional resources, assignments and activities, and assessments with students and parents via personalized dashboards. At the same time, students have the power to decide how they learn as the solution automatically adapts to support learning styles that offer the best opportunities for success. A proprietary “standards mastery and recommendation engine” facilitates remediation, acceleration and review by automating the recommendation of resources and activities based upon standards mastery assessments. The recommendations are also tailored specifically to the individual learning styles of each student – regardless of age, ability level, interests or special requirements.


“This year’s finalists are breaking ground with new business models and innovative products. We are pleased to recognize the best in educational technology with these 157 products,” said Karen Billings, vice president of the SIIA Education Technology Industry Network. “I look forward to honoring them all in May at the Education Industry Summit.”

Details about each finalist are listed at siia.net/codies/2015/finalists.asp.


About itslearning

Designed for teachers and how they want to teach, itslearning is a cloud-based learning platform used by millions of teachers, students, administration staff and parents around the world. It can be found at all levels of education, from primary schools to universities, helping teachers make education more inspiring and valuable for today’s students. At itslearning, we pride ourselves on understanding the needs of education. More than 20 percent of our employees have worked as teachers, and we can often be found in the classroom, learning from teachers. We provide a full range of services, from simple training sessions to full-scale implementation projects. Established in 1999, itslearning is headquartered in Bergen, Norway, and has offices in multiple locations around the world. For more information, visit http://www.itslearning.net.


About SIIA
SIIA is the leading association representing the software and digital content industries. SIIA represents approximately 800 member companies worldwide that develop software and digital information content. SIIA provides global services in government relations, business development, corporate education and intellectual property protection to the leading companies that are setting the pace for the digital age. For more information, visit www.siia.net. The Education Technology Industry Network (ETIN) of SIIA serves and represents more than 200 member companies that provide educational software applications, digital content, online learning services and related technologies across the K-20 sector. The Division shapes and supports the industry by providing leadership, advocacy, business development opportunities and critical market information. For more information on ETIN of SIIA, visit siia.net/etin.