Commonwealth of Virginia adopts a groundbreaking approach to purchasing and accessing educational content


— Copia Interactive, a leading provider of enterprise-level blended learning solutions, announced today that Virginia’s new digital textbook and instructional materials marketplace will begin operations this coming September 2015.

This powerful new learning resource, based on a customized version of Copia’s core Copia Class technology, has been implemented through the collaborative efforts of Copia and the Commonwealth over the past 12 months.

The Copia-powered Marketplace provides a vast library of standards-aligned core instructional materials from both primary and supplementary content providers. This initiative is an integral part of the Commonwealth’s efforts to ensure the personalization of learning and the differentiation of instruction.

Leveraging Copia’s interactive digital classroom tools, teachers will now be able to meaningfully engage learners in an unprecedented manner, monitor student achievement in real time, and harness Copia’s suite of personalized learning tools to address their students’ needs and adjust their instruction accordingly.

With the launch of the platform, Virginia’s districts (or “divisions”) can now purchase state- approved digital content by using a Copia Class portal designed specifically for the Commonwealth.  The initial implementations will start in September 2015, and its eventual intent is for all of the Commonwealth’s 1.2 million students – across its 132 divisions and 1,830 schools – to be able to access content in an à la carte fashion, offering significant opportunity for cost-savings and targeted allocation and assignment of learning objects.

“Copia is excited to partner with Virginia, the first state in the U.S. to take such a major step to leverage technology and empower students to personalize their learning experience,” said Ben Lowinger, Founder and Executive Vice President at Copia Interactive, LLC. “From an enormous catalog of media-rich content, instructors now can select content that appeals to their interests and learning styles. Copia’s classroom environment and devoted staff provide the tools and support to enable them to progress at their own pace and master their instructional objectives.”

Copia Class™ provides powerful analytical tools to gain greater insight into student progress. Through an intuitive dashboard, teachers will have access to a wide range of student learning data. Teachers can monitor lesson progress, remediate learning gaps, identify opportunities for enrichment, and provide individualized support for students. Supported by Copia’s robust instructional tools and attentive professional development support, Virginia’s latest instructional initiative will create a truly personalized learning experience for all of the Commonwealth’s students.

About Copia

Copia Interactive is a leading innovator in implementing digital learning solutions for the K-20 arena. Copia Class™ is the cloud-based technology that powers some today’s most innovative e- learning solutions, such as the Virginia Digital Textbook Marketplace. The platform delivers high quality standards-aligned content from major publishers, supplementary providers, and even small or locally-preferred content creators – all inside of a seamless environment that redefines the learning experience.

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