Five Tips for Turning Students into Published Authors This School Year

Jane Ross, a digital literacy coach and Apple Distinguished Educator teaching in Jakarta, Indonesia, in collaboration with Book Creator, shares her top tips to help students author and publish ebooks in the new school year.

1. Allow students to create independently
Student learning is better when they take ownership of it. The iPad is an intuitive tool, and apps like Book Creator have a simple interface and blank canvas, so that even very young students can create independently.

2. Document authentic learning experiences
Once students are working independently, teachers need to keep the focus on learning. Focus on real-life learning experiences and find ways to get the students to document this – for example with instructional texts.

3. Collaborate beyond the classroom
Digital tools like Book Creator open up opportunities to educators and students to make connections with other classes, or even other schools to collaborate or share the work they want to publish. This in turn opens doors for authentic cultural exchanges that can often be difficult to capture in everyday classroom learning.

4. Use multimedia to add dimensions
With little coaching, students can give their books a professional look and feel by adding color, textures, fonts and multimedia. Start with a few simple images, such as photos or drawings, and then add arrows and labels. Have students record their voices in Book Creator to generate a sound bubble to place anywhere on the page.

5. Publish for a real audience
Book Creator allows to students to create ebooks and share it beyond the classroom. By using email, AirDrop, PDFs, YouTube, or the iBooks Store, students can present their work to a worldwide audience.

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