Utah Department of Education Adds Lexia Reading Core5 to

List of Approved K–3 Reading Improvement Instructional Programs


Boston — Sept. 8, 2015 — Lexia Learning, the literacy division of Rosetta Stone(NYSE:RST), today announced that its Lexia Reading® Core5® pre-K–5 fundamental literacy program has been named by the Utah State Office of Education as one of only three approved providers of adaptive reading technology for Utah’s Early Intervention Program for grades K–3. The Lexia Reading Core5 program was named to Utah’s approved vendor list after it received the highest evaluation score during a comprehensive review process of 11 other literacy programs. Utah educators can now implement Lexia Reading Core5 with the knowledge that it has been successfully reviewed and found to meet or exceed all of the technical requirements outlined by the Utah Procurement Code.


The Utah State Office of Education previously approved Lexia’s inaugural software, Lexia Reading, but the new Lexia Reading Core5 program required a fresh evaluation.Built on 30 years of educational research, the Lexia Reading Core5 program is designed to provide students with a personalized learning path, which includes scaffolding and explicit instruction that supports students if they struggle. Addressing the six areas of reading, each of the 18 levels of age-appropriate, skill-specific activities align to the most rigorous state standards, including the Common Core State Standards. The program simplifies differentiated instruction, enabling at-risk students to close the reading gap more quickly while allowing on-level and advanced students to continue to progress.
One of the key differentiators that sets Lexia Reading Core 5 apart from other programs is that it includes a unique embedded assessment tool, Assessment Without Testing®, which provides teachers with very specific information about what a student knows and where the student needs additional instruction—all without interrupting the flow of instruction to administer a test. Educators can access data reports online via web browser, iPad app, iPhone app, the Apple Watch and Android devices. These reports tell educators which students need help, which students need more time in the program, and which students should be recognized for completing a level in the program. The reports also provide a detailed view of a student’s performance including a prediction of his or her percent chance of reaching end-of-year, grade-level benchmarks, allowing teachers to prioritize the students who are at greatest risk of missing the mark on reaching core literacy goals for the year. At the school and district level, principals and superintendents viewing their students’ reports can see—by class or by grade—students’ probability of reaching grade-level benchmarks, giving administrators a way to quickly detect performance trends and deploy resources accordingly.


“For educators, there is no greater satisfaction than finding the education solution that turns a struggling student into an engaged learner who makes significant progress,” said Lexia Learning President Nick Gaehde. “We are privileged to have this opportunity to support the dedicated teachers and administrators throughout the state, and we are proud that the Utah State Office of Education has taken this step to make the Lexia Reading Core5 program more widely available to its schools.”


For more information about the Lexia Reading Core5 pre-K–5 fundamental literacy program, visitwww.lexialearning.com or call 1-800-435-3942.


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