Apperson Announces a Complete Testing System for Only $599


Apperson Advantage Program offers a test scanner, the Evo Academics cloud-based assessment and reporting application, and answer sheets


Charlotte, N.C. – Oct. 19, 2015 – Assessment leader Apperson has introduced a new program designed to give schools a more affordable solution to deliver assessments online, via pencil and paper, or a combination of the two, and to access all of that data in the cloud.  With the new Apperson Advantage Program, schools can have access to aDataLink 1200 test scanner, paper-based test answer sheets, and school-wide access to Evo Academics for cloud-based assessment building, scoring, analysis and reporting all for one low annual fee of $599.


Evo Academics gives educators the flexibility to create, administer, and score exams either online or in paper format. With this online platform, all educators can tie questions to standards, transfer results to a variety of gradebooks, and share assessment questions with colleagues. Whether tests are delivered via paper and pencil and scanned or given digitally through the platform, proficiency results are provided immediately allowing educators to personalize learning based on individual student needs.


“We understand that schools need simple, cost effective solutions to help them understand where students are in their academic advancement at any given time,” said Bill Apperson, chairman of the board of Apperson. “Our Apperson Advantage Program offers all of the tools needed to make analyzing the effectiveness of a lesson easy. Educators will immediately see if students comprehend what they are teaching and they can adjust their approach if need be to impact learning.”


Included in the Apperson Advantage Program is:


The DataLink 1200 Test Scanner  – A tabletop test scanner scoring up to 35 answer sheets per minute on tests of up to 200 questions. Maintenance included.


Evo Academic Assessment School-wide Subscription–Use the proven technology of Apperson scanners and send data directly to Evo. Evo allows educators to manage online assessments and access results, share questions and assessments with colleagues, create electronic or paper answer keys, and more.


DataLink Answer Sheets – Whether using multiple choice, essay or open response questions, the 12 packs of answer sheets included in the program deliver accuracy.


DataLink Connect Software – Allows for digitally scoring and reporting of test results, tying questions to standards, and transferring results to popular gradebooks.


To learn more about Apperson or the new Apperson Advantage Program, visit


About Apperson

Apperson’s K-12 assessment solutions help educators develop a 360° panorama of the student and his or her strengths, as well as areas of opportunities, that can inform curriculum decision-making and create positive learning outcomes. Whether it’s DataLink scanners, or the Evo assessment platform, Apperson’s products support and encourage a holistic learning and development approach by helping teachers turn assessment data into actionable information.






WHAT: Free Webinar on Classroom-tested Strategies for Accelerating ELLs’ Language    Acquisition and Literacy Gains


WHO:  Aida Allen, educational leader and expert in ELL instruction

           Heather Anderson, consultant specializing in differentiated instruction


WHEN: Thursday, October 22, 3:30 PM EDT





Lakewood, NJ Oct. 19, 2015 – Achieve3000 is sponsoring a free, one-hour webinar for teachers who are looking for instructional strategies that help English language learners accelerate their language and literacy gains. The webinar is scheduled for Thursday, October 22, at 3:30 PM EDT.


Aida Allen, a sought-after educational leader and expert in ELL instruction, and Heather Anderson, a passionate instructor, presenter, and school and district consultant who specializes in differentiated instruction, will serve as hosts of the webinar. Ms. Allen will discuss differentiation strategies to support ELLs in today’s diverse models of instruction while Ms. Anderson will focus on more hands-on implementation techniques.


“Effectively applied differentiated instruction has been proven to more than double expected reading gains for ELLs,” said Saki Dodelson, Achieve3000 CEO and founder. “We are pleased to bring together these two ELL instruction experts for a webinar that focuses on practical, classroom-tested strategies for accelerating language acquisition and literacy gains in a variety of instructional models.”


The first 50 attendees to register for this webinar will receive a complimentary copy of the book “The Differentiated Classroom: Responding the Needs of All Learners” by Carol Ann Tomlinson. Educators must attend the webinar to qualify for the free book.


Whooos Reading Platform Helps Elementary Students Significantly Improve Reading Proficiency and Comprehension After One Year


San Diego — Oct. 19, 2015 — After a year of using the Whooo’s Reading online platform, elementary students at all grade levels read books with significantly higher text complexity, as determined by Lexile measures, than at the start of that year. Those were the findings of a recent analysis, conducted by Learn2Earn, the creator of Whooo’s Reading. The data came from more than 2,700 students who used the platform during the 2014-15 school year.


The data was drawn from a sample of students in grades one through five who had used Whooo’s Reading consistently from October 2014 through March 2015. The increase in text complexity was particularly pronounced for students who began the school year reading books that were below-grade level difficulty. For example, the books read by struggling third grade readers increased in text complexity by a little over 300L on average while books chosen by normal to strong readers in that grade level only increased by an average of about 120L.


“The increase in the text difficulty for struggling third grade readers is particularly important because that’s the grade where students transition from learning to read to reading to learn,” said Hayley Brooks, Learn2Earn CEO and co-founder. “We know that those below-grade readers, along with the other students on the Whooo’s Reading log, are improving their reading comprehension because the analysis showed a consistent improvement in the scores that all students received for reading comprehension assignments written within the platform throughout the year.”


After students use Whooo’s Reading to log their fiction and nonfiction books, as well as minutes spent reading, teachers can preselect a prompt for students to have the option to answer a Common Core-aligned question. The platform adds a gamification element by awarding Wisdom Coins based on the amount of minutes logged and their answer to the comprehension question. Students then use those coins to “buy” virtual accessories from the platform’s Owl Store and customize the owl avatars (called Owlvatars) assigned to them on their initial registration. Teachers grade students’ answers, provide feedback either publicly or privately, and review the reading ability progress for both individual students and the class as a whole. Whooo’s Reading includes a social aspect that allowsstudents to share book recommendations as well as comments each other’s book reviews.


The Whooo’s Reading platform has garnered rave reviews from teachers, coordinators and parents. One example is fifth-grade teacher Lorie Barber, who on her blog “Mrs. Barber’s Class Reading Blog,” writes, “It’s the written response component that’s the strongest aspect of Whooo’s Reading for me. … [S]tudent[s] can choose … from a variety of prompts that allow them to respond creatively to their book, while still giving me a tool to measure their comprehension.”


“We believe that other school programs have taken the fun out of reading and have made it something students see as homework or a chore,” said Brooks. “Using social features and gamification, we motivate children to read anything they want and we make the experience fun for them and relevant to their other 21st century online experiences. ‘The kids must always win’ is our unofficial company motto.”


About Learn2Earn

Learn2Earn is a young startup company focused on providing a 21st-century alternative in the school fundraising and reading program spaces. Unlike other reading or fundraising programs, their service is child-centric rather than educator-centric. That means that everything they develop is focused on benefitting the children who use it, on making reading fun, and improving specific reading and writing skills as outlined in the Common Core State Standards. In the area of fundraising, they offer something that most fundraising companies don’t: an educational platform for schools to use to raise money. Students aren’t selling; they’re improving their reading skills. For more information, visit