CEV Multimedia Releases Architecture, Construction, Transportation and Manufacturing Curriculum

Cloud-based iCEV platform offers new courses to educate next generation of skilled laborers 

LUBBOCK, Texas (July 21, 2016) – As the modern workforce continues to evolve, the need for skilled workers to fill vacant jobs is needed now more than ever. Some of the top 10 hardest-to-fill jobs call for skilled trade workers that have some type of career training. The Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE) cites that one million jobs are currently open in trade, transportation and utilities, and another 315,000 in manufacturing. To train the next generation of skilled workers, CEV Multimedia announces the release of a new Architecture, Construction, Transportation and Manufacturing curriculum that addresses the demand for educational materials that provide real-world and practical learning opportunities for students.

“This new curriculum offers a great opportunity for students to receive practical experience and to learn from industry professionals currently working in the field,” said Randall Hust, construction technology instructor at Byron Martin Advanced Technology Center and curriculum collaborator. “We have a responsibility to train the next generation of students that will ultimately fill jobs that build and maintain our infrastructure, transport goods and stimulate the economy.”

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Second Avenue Learning teams up with Nonprofit, iCivics, through K-12 Presidential Election Program
Partnership will promote student-centered learning and democratic skill-building

Rochester, N.Y. (July 21, 2016) – Second Avenue Learning, a leader in the design and development of serious games for education, announces its partnership with iCivics, a non-profit organization dedicated to reinvigorating civic learning through interactive learning resources. Together, the organizations will deliver innovative election-related content to K-12 teachers and students.

“As this partnership demonstrates, we are serious about strengthening civic learning in education through engaging digital resources,” said Victoria Van Voorhis, founder and CEO of Second Avenue Learning. “As a part of our initiative, we are thrilled to contribute to iCivics, a key player in promoting democratic knowledge and skills among students.”

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New REcharge Labs Hands-On Solar Power Kits Now Available in Individual and Classroom Sets


(Minneapolis, MN) July 21, 2016 – Teaching children, especially young children, about solar energy can seem difficult, but it is not when you have hands-on activities to engage them. To help educators and parents demonstrate solar energy concepts, REcharge Labs is expanding its offerings to include two new activity sets. The Solar Cork Boat and the Solar Scavenger Hunt are both available as individual kits and class packs.


“Our kits turn something as abstract as solar energy into a consumable idea,” said Asia Ward, Co-Director of REcharge Labs. “They help students learn basic circuitry, engineering design and problem-solving all while they learn about renewable energy sources.”


The Solar Cork Boat, which made its debut at the Bay Area Maker Faire in May, demonstrates how solar energy can be used to do work, such as to make paddles spin to propel a boat in water. While building the cork boat, students in grades 2-12 will learn about basic solar circuitry as they connect the boat’s motor to the solar panel. Students will then use simple engineering design to build the boat’s paddles, attach them to the boat and make it move through the water. The Solar Cork Boat Class Pack comes with materials for five Solar Cork Boats, making it perfect for group work.


Recommended for students in grades 4-12, the Solar Scavenger Hunt helps students explore which light sources and conditions generate the most solar power. Using the kit, students test various light sources to determine which generate the most solar power. Students will learn how to gather data, measure solar power output and discuss the different variables that influence output such as shade, temperature and more. The kit comes with a multimeter, a solar panel and different light sources for students to test, and students are highly encouraged to explore and collect readings for other light sources around them. The Solar Scavenger Hunt Class Pack includes five Solar Scavenger Hunt sets.


Both the Solar Cork Boat and the Solar Scavenger Hunt kits are built for repeated use, making it possible to reuse them for multiple lessons, classes and school years. When developing a wind or solar renewable energy kit, REcharge Labs works with a network of national educators to test the activities in a variety of educational settings. The included activity guides are aligned with national standards, and are scaffolded, making them flexible for multiple age groups. The kits are the newest addition to the REcharge Labs renewable energy kits line.


To learn more about the kits or to purchase them for your classroom or home, visit rechargelabs.org/store.


About REcharge Labs

REcharge Labs generates resources for learners to creatively explore wind and solar power. REcharge Labs seeks to engage and inspire today’s students to become the innovative renewable energy leaders of tomorrow by offering effective hands-on learning activities and kits, teacher professional development, online engineering design challenges, and curricula. REcharge Labs also provides community outreach to partnering companies, energy developers, museums, state agencies, and more. For more information, visitrechargelabs.org.