Pearson Acquires Major Statistical Software Firm, Integrated Analytics


IA’s StatCrunch™ Program, the most widely-used web-based statistics software in academia developed by Webster West, Ph.D., facilitated 20m procedures over past six months


NEW YORK — July 28, 2016 — Today Pearson announced the acquisition of Integrated Analytics, LLC (IA), a statistical software company with a focus on education founded by Webster West, Ph.D. IA’s leading product, StatCrunch, is a powerful web-based software that allows users to collect data, perform complex analyses, and generate compelling results and reports. Stemming from work begun in the mid-90s, Dr. West finished developing a prototype for the software in 1997. Over many years of continued development, the StatCrunch software has now blossomed into one of the most used statistical resources on the Web.


Pearson has been the exclusive distributor of StatCrunch since 2009, and the acquisition fully integrates IA into Pearson. The acquisition of IA, which is a culmination of a long-standing collaboration with Dr. West, allows for a deeper integration between StatCrunch and MyStatLab™, an acceleration of new feature development, and potential synergies with titles outside of Statistics. Additionally, the StatCrunch development team will bring their statistical and programming expertise to Pearson. Pearson will also retain the services of Dr. West, a brilliant developer and an award-winning professor.


“We live and work in a world in which we are surrounded by statistics; a welter of statistics to process, sort through and use to make sound decisions. Statistical reasoning skills have never been more important, and StatCrunch, developed by Dr. West and his team–long-time and trusted partners–is an unmatched application in developing these skills for today’s students,” said Paul Corey, managing director for higher education courseware, Pearson.


“Working with Pearson over the past several years has been a great experience. Their extremely talented team of editorial staff and sales representatives has opened the doors of thousands of classrooms to StatCrunch. This has allowed us to change the fundamental way that statistics is taught for hundreds of thousands of students. These students can now appreciate the beauty of statistics as it is practiced in the modern world with statistical software. As an educator, this has been a very rewarding experience. This acquisition will allow an even larger number of students to have this exposure moving forward,” said Dr. West.


About Pearson

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Literacy Gains Among Rowan-Salisbury Schools Students Surge Beyond Expectations During Their First Year on Achieve3000


Achieve3000, the Leader in Differentiated Instruction, and Rowan-Salisbury School System, a North Carolina district committed to 21st-century learning, report literacy gains over and above the growth expected with typical instruction among elementary, middle and high school students.

LAKEWOOD, N.J. – August 8, 2016 – Less than one year into its partnership with Achieve3000, the Rowan-Salisbury Schools System in Salisbury, N.C. is seeing greater than expected literacy gains among students regularly using Achieve3000’s differentiated literacy solutions. The goal of this groundbreaking, long-term partnership, which started in 2015, is to accelerate learning and put all Rowan-Salisbury students on track for college and career success. The evaluation periods of the elementary, middle and high school groups ran from the fall of 2015 through early June in 2016.

Elementary School Students

During the nine-month evaluation period, 6,304 students working on Achieve3000 products across the district’s 20 elementary schools exceeded their expected Lexile® growth by an average of 55 points. The most notable grade cohort was fifth graders whose Lexile reading performance exceeded the growth expected with typical instruction by an average of 63 points.

Studies demonstrate that the more time students spend with Achieve3000, the greater their literacy gains. For this reason, the company recommends that students complete 80 reading activities (an average of two activities per week and the recommended frequency) during the academic year. Rowan-Salisbury elementary students proved the validity of that recommendation – on average, those who completed at least 80 activities achieved growth that was two times above expected levels.

Additionally, because Achieve3000’s solutions are cloud-based, students can use their district-provided digital devices to access them any time or anywhere – even without an Internet connection. The evaluation found that 66 percent of the elementary students using the literacy programs logged in during after-school hours. In all, the students logged in 58,026 times after regular school hours.

Middle School Students

Rowan-Salisbury’s eight middle schools had 4,658 active student users of Achieve3000’s solutions during the eight-month evaluation period. On average, those students exceeded their expected Lexile growth by 33 points, exceeding the expected reading gains. The most exceptional middle school grade cohort were the seventh graders who exceeded their expected Lexile growth by an average of 37 points.

Students who completed at least 80 activities during the school year (an average of two activities per week and the recommended frequency) exceeded the expected Lexile growth by an average of 74 points, nearly 2.5 times the expected reading growth rate. Additionally, 70 percent of middle school Achieve3000 students logged in after-school hours, the highest percentage among the three main cohorts.


High School Students

In the district’s eight high schools, 5,989 students were active users of Achieve3000’s solutions during the evaluation period of approximately eight months. Those students exceeded their expected Lexile growth by 20 points. Students completing at least 80 activities (an average of two activities per week the recommended frequency) nearly quadrupled their expected Lexile growth.

Evaluators collected data on Lexile gains and usage levels using the LevelSet™ test scores and usage records of students who had logged in at least once during the 2015-2016 school year. The tests are based on the MetaMetrics® Lexile Framework for Reading, a scientific approach to reading and text measurement that has become the most widely adopted reading measure in use today.

“Our research, based on pre-test and current Lexile scores, demonstrates that more Rowan-Salisbury School System students are on track for college and career readiness after actively participating in Achieve3000 programs during the 2015-16 school year,” stated Saki Dodelson, CEO and founder of Achieve3000. “Students across all grade levels made very significant literacy progress, and the high school students in particular demonstrated truly outstanding growth: four times the expected rate for students completing the recommended number of activities and nearly double the expected rate overall. This proves what is possible with a strong partnership, phenomenal district leadership, and a focus on using differentiated instruction to give kids precisely what they need to meet and exceed their potential.”

Rowan-Salisbury Schools has implemented Smarty Ants® for grades PreK-1, KidBiz3000® for grades 2-5, TeenBiz3000® for grades 6-8, and Empower3000® for grades 9-12. Each Achieve3000 solution combines embedded assessment, differentiated instruction, and standard reading skills practice to meet all students one-on-one, at their individual reading levels, and accelerate learning gains. As part of the partnership, the district is also receiving Spark3000®, a solution designed for adult literacy and workforce readiness, at no cost.

“By 2017, we intend to have 90 percent of our 20,000 students reading on or above grade level and 100 percent achieving or exceeding one year’s growth annually,” said Rowan-Salisbury Superintendent Dr. Lynn Moody. “So the results of the past year have been very exciting. With this initial data and the instructional resources, blended professional development and robust home support features that have been made available to us, we look forward to refining our approaches and seeing even greater gains.”

About Achieve3000, Inc.

Achieve3000 is the leader in online differentiated literacy instruction, serving over two million students worldwide. For nearly 15 years, the company has been reaching students at their individual reading levels to deliver significant learning gains, with many making double to triple the expected gains in a single school year. Based on decades of scientific research, Achieve3000’s solutions – Smarty Ants (for grades PreK-1), KidBiz3000 (for grades 2-5), TeenBiz3000 (for grades 6-8), Empower3000 (for grades 9-12), Spark3000 (for adult learners), and eScience3000 (for grades 6-8) – support core curriculum, Response to Intervention, English language learner, and special education instructional models as well as 21st-century education initiatives. From learning how to read to workforce readiness, Achieve3000 empowers all learners to develop the college and career literacy skills needed for academic, professional, and personal success. The company is based in Lakewood, N.J. Learn more about Achieve3000 online at or by calling 888-968-6822.


Pikes Peak Early College Teams with Fuel Education to Help Students Earn College Credit and Professional Certifications during High School

Students across Colorado can apply to enroll for the 2016-2017 school year now  to get a free community college education


Herndon, Virginia, August 8, 2016— According to a report from the Georgetown Center on Education and the Workforce, by 2020, 65 percent of all jobs in the economy will require post-secondary education or training beyond high school. Therefore, students who still experience barriers to achieving this level of education will have limited workforce options. To help students overcome these barriers,Pikes Peak Early College (PPEC) helps students start working toward post-secondary degrees and certifications in high school.


PPEC provides students online core, elective and career technical education courses from Fuel Education™ (FuelEd™). The program uses the personalized learning platform PEAK™, in combination with personalized college and career counseling, to create a customized degree plan based on each student’s interests, strengths, and goals for the future. PPEC works with both FuelEd online teachers, as well as district-employed teachers, to facilitate a blended learning model.


“Many of our students are first-generation college students or are part of populations that are under-represented in post-secondary institutions,” said Dave Knoche, Executive Principal at PPEC. “PPEC provides these students with the monetary, academic, and emotional support they need to achieve their goals after high school. If we didn’t help these students, it would be an enormous disservice to our youth and our society.”


PPEC students focus on getting more than just a high school diploma. They are working toward an associate’s degree, 60 credits to transfer to a four-year college or a professional certification all while completing their high school requirements. To determine what route is best for each student, PPEC’s college and career counseling staff members conduct individual meetings to determine each student’s interests and then create an appropriate degree plan. This individualized degree plan takes into account their current college and career readiness skills, their passions, and their plans for the future. Throughout their four to six years at PPEC, students receive personalized advisory services to make sure they are on track with their degree plan, that their plan continues to fit their skill level and future interests, and that their credits will transfer to the post-secondary institution or certification program of their choice.


Once their degree plans are made, students begin working on their high school coursework using FuelEd Online Courses. Students take a combination of online core classes to meet graduation requirements and online elective courses to help them hone their interests for college study or their future career. The school also plans on using FuelEd’s Career Readiness Pathways™ for students interested in a career technical education. Courses center around one of four Career Clusters: business management and administration, manufacturing, health science, and information technology.


Because they can complete their coursework online, students only attend a physical school three days a week. When students are on campus, teachers lead project-based learning activities to compliment the FuelEd Online Courses. The remaining two days are open for students to study at home, participate in internships or shadowing opportunities, or attend classes on college campuses. In addition to being the only early college with a blended model in Colorado, what makes PPEC so unique is that each student can take up to 15 credits per semester at no cost to them, thus greatly alleviating the financial burden of attending college for students and their families.


However, not every student is ready to start taking college courses as a freshman. For students who need remediation prior to taking college-level courses, PPEC creates custom skill-enhancement classes. Using PEAK, PPEC determines which skills each student is missing and designs a custom course by piecing together units and lessons from various FuelEd Online Courses to ensure each student learns the concepts they need prior to taking college-level courses. Traditionally, any college student who needs remediation must pay for and take remedial courses, which do not count for credit. By completing remedial courses during high school, PPEC is, once again, helping students save money and streamline the college experience.


“A college degree or a professional certification doesn’t have to be this elusive thing students can’t grasp,” said Knoche. “In addition to our personalized counseling and flexible learning environment, we are guiding students in the direction of a four-year college, but in a fiscally responsible way so students aren’t riddled with debt. We’re not just educating, we’re changing lives.”


To learn more about PPEC, visit Students from all over the state of Colorado are eligible to apply. To learn more about the enrolment process for the 2016-17 school year, click here.


About Fuel Education

Fuel Education™ partners with school districts to fuel personalized learning and transform the education experience inside and outside the classroom. The company provides innovative solutions for pre-K through 12th grade that empower districts to implement successful online and blended learning programs. Its open, easy-to-use Personalized Learning Platform, PEAK™, enables teachers to customize courses using their own content, FuelEd courses and titles, third-party content, and open educational resources. Fuel Education offers one of the industry’s largest catalogs of K–12 digital curriculum, certified instruction, professional development, and educational services. FuelEd has helped 2,000 school districts to improve student outcomes and better serve diverse student populations. To learn more, visit and Twitter.


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itslearning and Gooru Partner to Offer 35 Full-Year Courses in Science,

Mathematics, English Language Arts and Social Studies


BOSTON — Aug. 4, 2016itslearning, an award-winning learning management system (LMS) developer, and Gooru, a nonprofit organization that provides educators with a free online learning navigator, today announced an exciting partnership. The two organizations will be the first to offer 35 curriculum courses, backed with assessments, for grades 6-12 in core subject areas, including science, mathematics, English language arts and social studies.


Gooru’s catalog, which includes standards-aligned courses, assessments and multimedia resources, has been reviewed and vetted by educators and districts. In May 2016, the two organizations began their strategic alliance, focused on sharing in-depth content – millions of K-12 multimedia resources, thousands of teacher-created collections and assessments, and over 30 customizable courses designed to facilitate personalized learning.


“The learning environment has changed. One-size-fits-all no longer works. Instead, we must make learning a truly personal experience,” said Arne Bergby, CEO of itslearning. “By connecting these two education technology tools, we are setting the bar for how a learning management system can and should be used for curriculum management in 21st century classrooms. We are now able to expand the possibilities for personalized and blended learning to work for educators and learners, in and out of the classroom and around the world. This alliance is not only going to have a tremendous impact on districts’ bottom line, but it will drive improved outcomes for students while supporting enhanced instructional delivery opportunities for teachers.”


As a leading cloud-based learning management system, itslearning helps educators create innovative and personalized learning environments for students. With more than 7 million active users worldwide, itslearning is a best-in-class solution for curriculum management, content integration and student rostering while offering an easy-to-navigate, customizable standards-aligned planner. All stakeholders – administrators, teachers, students and parents  – can access, as appropriate, course materials, assignments, communities for collaboration, professional development tools and student progress reports.


By using the itslearning platform with Gooru’s highly-regarded capabilities, educators and learners can easily curate publisher, district-developed, or open education content with standards-aligned instructional support. To date, Gooru has organized millions of online learning content items and seamlessly connects educators and learners with a personalized learning solution.


“We believe with the right tools and the best content, teachers will be able to help every student in their classroom reach success. We are excited about this important partnership with itslearning. Together, students and teachers will have a seamless learning experience supported by educator-vetted learning materials, developed in classrooms by teachers for teachers to help all students take ownership of their learning,” said Dr. Prasad Ram, CEO of Gooru.


About itslearning

Established in 1999, itslearning is headquartered in Boston, MA and Bergen, Norway. With seven million global users, and a passion for improving teaching and learning through technology, itslearning lives at the heart of education.  For more information, visit


About Gooru

Gooru is an educational technology 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to honoring the human right to education. Gooru has developed a learning navigator that provides teachers with real-time data and educator-curated learning resources to help students understand where they are and how to reach their goals. For more information, please


C8 Sciences Founder Dr. Bruce Wexler Honored with Prestigious Innovation Award
Dr. Wexler to receive Invisible Disabilities Association recognition at the 2016 Brain IDEAS Symposium 

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (Aug. 3, 2016) — The Brain IDEAS Symposium brings together innovators and thought leaders from around the globe to discuss the latest findings in brain disorders, health and therapy. At the 2016 Brain IDEAS Symposium, Dr. Bruce Wexler will be honored with the Invisible Disabilities Association’s (IDA) 2016 Innovation Award for his work at Yale and C8 Sciences creating an evidence-based cognitive skills training program that improves focus, self-control and memory in elementary school students. Lack of these essential skills contributes to life-long learning and work problems in children with ADHD, and to achievement gaps associated with poverty and race nationwide. Dr. Wexler’s work was previously recognized with an NIH Director’s Award for “high impact, high innovation, paradigm-changing research.”

For the full news release, click here


IO Education Forms Partnerships to Help Schools Use Data Effectively 

With IEBC and Dellicker Strategies, IO Education combines powerful tools with the training and support education leaders need to improve outcomes using student data

ATLANTA – August 9, 2016 – To guide educators on their quest to transform data into insight and action, IO Education announces partnerships with the Institute for Evidence-Based Change (IEBC) and Dellicker Strategies. Through these partnerships, IO Education enhances its capacity to collaborate with school districts by bringing expert analysis to bear on how to best leverage student data to improve education outcomes.

“Everything we do revolves around helping educators get the most out of the data that is available to them,” said Doug Mesecar, vice president of strategic partnerships at IO Education. “Through these partnerships with highly regarded industry leaders, we’re continuing to deliver on our promise to make data useful and meaningful for educators.”

To learn more about the partnerships, visit here.