Flight 93 National Memorial Offers Free Distance Learning Event


“Action to Honor” Marks 15th Anniversary ofSeptember 11, 2001 in Classrooms across the Country


Shanksville, Pa. – Students and teachers are invited to join a live, distance learning session on Friday, September 9 as part of the 15th anniversary observance of September 11, 2001. This educational videoconference is made possible through partnership between the National Park Service, Internet2, and the Keystone Initiative for Network Based Education and Research. The free, one-hour program will be broadcast live from Flight 93 National Memorial twice so student audiences coast-to-coast have the opportunity to participate.

The distance learning program, Action to Honor is focused on grades 6-12 and goes live at 9:30 a.m. EDT, followed by a second live program at 1 p.m. EDT.  Rangers from the National Park Service will explain how the memorial honors the Flight 93 passengers and crew, share their story and explore the symbolism that can be found throughout the site today. Students will have the opportunity to submit questions during interactive 50-minute broadcast.  Although the program is free, educators are required to register for the electronic field trip at https://goo.gl/vRnpvE.


“This program allows memorial staff to reach nationwide and begin relaying the events of 15 years ago to students who may not have even been born,” said Steve Clark, superintendent of Flight 93 National Memorial. “We invite schools worldwide to join in this unique opportunity to connect to a memorial which honors the extraordinary actions of the 40 passengers and crew of Flight 93.”


In addition to the distance learning programs, the memorial will provide live stream web programming between the broadcasts from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. EDT. For live stream access to the broadcast, users can connect at http://flight93.internet2.edu/ NPS


About the Flight 93 National Memorial
On Sept. 24, 2002, Congress passed the Flight 93 National Memorial Act which created a new national park to commemorate the passengers and crew of Flight 93 who, on September 11, 2001, courageously gave their lives to thwart a planned attack on our nation’s capital. The memorial is outside Shanksville, Pennsylvania, where Flight 93 crashed with the loss of its 40 passengers and crew. For more information about the Flight 93 National Memorial, please visit www.nps.gov/flni


About Internet2

Internet2 is a member-owned advanced technology community founded by the nation’s leading higher education institutions in 1996. Internet2 provides a collaborative environment for U.S. research and education organizations to solve shared technology challenges, and to develop innovative solutions in support of their educational, research and community service missions. Internet2 also operates the nation’s largest and fastest, coast-to-coast research and education network, with Internet2 Network Operations Center powered by Indiana University. Internet2 serves more than 90,000 community anchor institutions, 317 U.S. universities, 70 government agencies, 42 regional and state education networks, 80 leading corporations working with our community and more than 65 national research and education networking partners representing more than 100 countries.


Internet2 offices are located in Ann Arbor, MI; Denver, CO; Emeryville, CA; Washington, DC; and West Hartford, CT. For more information, visit www.internet2.edu or follow @Internet2 on Twitter.


The Keystone Initiative for Network Based Education and Research (KINBER) is devoted to fostering collaboration through technology for the community anchor institutions in Pennsylvania. KINBER offers connectivity, technology infrastructure solutions and training and professional development opportunities tailored to support the needs of its members, ranging from libraries and health systems to large university settings. KINBER built and manages the 1,800-mile Pennsylvania Research and Education Network, known as PennREN, which provides advanced data networking to non-profit organizations and fosters collaboration between Pennsylvania-based organizations for value-added services such as Internet2 connectivity, realistic high-definition video, real-time videoconferencing, and data sharing. PennREN access points are now in 51 of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties with connections in more than 120 locations over the 1,800-mile network. For more information, visit www.kinber.org or follow @KINBER on Twitter.



Ventris Learning to Become the Exclusive Publisher of the Sunform Alphabet System News Release


SUN PRAIRIE, Wis. (August 9, 2016) – Ventris Learning, LLC has reached agreement with Sundberg Learning Systems, LLC of Lake Bluff, IL to become the exclusive publisher of the Sunform Alphabet System, effective immediately. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed. “Sunform provides the foundation for our Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Teaching offering as it enables every PreK/K student to rapidly become capable of blending, regardless of his or her level of school readiness or home language,” said Robert Meyer, Ventris president. “This important advance in reading pedagogy has enormous potential for students who are underserved in literacy including English Language Learners”. “


Sunform simultaneously teaches picture names, mnemonic motor movements, and alliterations with each beginning letter sound,” said Dean Sundberg, Sunform president. “These elements, along with the integrated motor plan, transform the abstract nonphonetic symbols of the English alphabet into meaningful phonetic letters, laying a solid foundation for beginning reading, writing, and spelling.” Sunform complements Ventris Learning’s ToggleTalk® contrastive analysis K-1 supplemental curriculum; Code Switching Lessons, a professional development offering for grades 2-6+ English Language Arts teachers; and two additional language/literacy innovations under development.


About the Sunform Alphabet System Sunform’s uniquely effective, neurologically-based methodology rapidly teaches children beginning letter sounds and symbols to automaticity by activating both the right and left sides of the brain. Created by Mary Lou Sundberg, Sunform has been shown in published research to produce significant literacy gains in PreK, K-2, remedial and ELL settings.


About Ventris Learning Our Academic language development resources support teachers to better meet the instructional needs of underserved students. To learn more, visit:www.ventrislearning.com.