Collabco Launches myday Personalized Academic Organizer to U.S. Schools and Universities


myday builds student engagement by putting everything from homework to laundry schedules into one convenient app


Liverpool, England – Aug. 29, 2016 Increasing college completion rates can be helped by engaging students in the college experience, and connecting to students on devices they use all day long is one way to ensure engagement. With this in mind, education company Collabco built the myday app as a way for colleges to engage students in campus life, from course assignments and due dates to food service balances and print credits. After successfully launching in the United Kingdom, Collabco is now offering the myday app to schools, colleges and universities within the United States.


myday is a personalized academic organizer that provides schools and universities with a customized app-enabled student portal that keeps students involved and organized. The intuitive platform incorporates data from a school’s LMS system and student information system, as well as things like laundry scheduling and bus routes, low balances, and push notifications to help make a student’s experience a positive one.


“Colleges and universities are always looking for new ways to attract and retain students in an increasingly digital world. The key to this is to make education a highly personalized, engaging experience for each individual,” said Collabco CEO Mark Francis. “At Collabco we partner with schools to help them create a digital campus that is personalized for each student and one that encourages high participation levels. They can immediately access everything from homework alerts to bus schedules to social media updates using a single sign in. By putting everything students need at their fingertips, we help them feel organized and connected to their school, which puts them on the path to success.”


myday is available in a browser to support desktop and laptop computers, as well as via a personalized mobile app. Students only need to sign in once to access everything in myday including email, social media, news feeds and academic sites. They can customize their portal to include whatever information they find most useful – anything from class web sites and homework assignments to bus routes and laundry schedules.


myday features include:

  • A customizable, secure, cloud-based dashboard that collects, displays and pushes information from various IT systems
  • Multiple personalized environments to engage pre-applicants, enrolled students, professional learners, staff (faculty departments) and alumni so that myday is a constant in their student lifecycle
  • A branded mobile app that aggregates additional content such as travel information, weather and maps
  • Customizable push alerts. Colleges can create alerts for campus news or building closures and can set important messages to appear even on the lock screen
  • Integration with other popular tools such as Moodle, D2L, Blackboard, Canvas, Office 365 and popular social media sites
  • Customizable branding and interface. Colleges and universities can brand the myday dashboard with logos and themes to make it look and feel like an in-house product
  • Multi-language support for international students
  • A handy app-store so that colleges and universities can deliver their own student apps within myday and take control of the development
  • Adaptability and support. A myday team guides the college through the set-up process and helps them integrate their existing applications and systems and upload data from multiple locations.


About Collabco

Collabco is the creator of myday, a student dashboard used by many leading educational establishments in the UK to drive student engagement, participation and retention. Collabco delivers solutions to institutions of varying sizes and complexity. Collabco supports learning within a cloud based “digital campus” environment. myday enables universities, colleges and schools to aggregate the information students need on a daily basis and presents it in a highly-intuitive and modern interface. For more information, visit


CEV Multimedia and American Meat Science Association Develop New Industry Certification 

Culinary Meat Selection and Cookery Certification provides students with real-world experience in growing industry

LUBBOCK, Texas (Aug. 29, 2016) – For the sixth consecutive year, restaurant job growth will outpace the overall economy in 2016, adding more than 300,000 jobs this year according to the National Restaurant Association. To help students prepare to enter this burgeoning area of job growth, CEV Multimedia has collaborated with the American Meat Science Association (AMSA) to develop the Culinary Meat Selection and Cookery certification.

The Culinary Meat Selection and Cookery certification equips students with the skills necessary to thrive in the culinary industry – specifically when selecting and preparing meat. As students gain in-depth knowledge of meat science and food safety practices like meat storage and handling, they are also exposed to a variety of relevant culinary techniques and industry standards. Certification lessons cover topics such as food palatability, proper knife care and use, preparation methods for different types of meat, poultry and seafood, defining and analyzing USDA grading standards and more. To earn the certification, students complete 10 modules and a 100-question final exam.

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