University of California, Davis Improves Affordability Through Award-Winning Initiative for Digital Delivery of Course Materials from Pearson and Other Providers


Inclusive Access initiative wins prestigious accolades after saving students $3.4 million with digital course content delivered through Pearson’s Digital Direct Access model, as well as other content providers


NEW YORK – September 19, 2016 – Today, Pearson lauded the University of California, Davis, (UC Davis) for the institution’s award-winning Inclusive Access initiative that has saved students $3.4 million in course materials expenses over the last two years. The pioneering approach to digital distribution of course materials and reducing student expenses was designed in partnership with Pearson through the company’s Digital Direct Access (DDA) model, as well as other digital content providers.


The initiative earned UC Davis the 2016 University of California Larry L. Sautter Award for Innovation in Information Technology, which was established in 2000 to encourage and recognize innovative deployment of information technology in support of the university’s mission. The program also won the Innovation Achievement Award from the National Association of College Stores Foundation this spring.


Created to provide students with direct access to digital course materials through the campus bookstore, UC Davis launched the initiative with Pearson and other providers in 2014. Since then, the university has digitally delivered required course materials for more than 170 courses, and over 45,000 students have engaged with this program. UC Davis typically delivers required course content for 40 or more courses per quarter using this model, a number that continues to grow.


More than 80 institutions around the country have partnered with Pearson in 2016 to implement the DDA model, which enables schools to digitally deliver high-quality digital course materials to their students. In addition to cost savings, DDA provides learners with critical access to course materials on the first day of class and offers instructors valuable insights into students’ learning activity through data analysis.


“Our campus was thrilled to have our Inclusive Access program acknowledged as one of the most innovative IT projects in the UC system,” said Jason Lorgan, executive director of Campus Recreation, Memorial Union and UC Davis Stores. “Faculty appreciate that students have day-one access to materials and the course can proceed without delay.”


“Our students continue to embrace the program with high satisfaction levels in our end-of-term surveys,” Lorgan added. “The high-quality, vetted digital content in the Inclusive Access program furthers the success of our students, the ultimate goal our entire campus is focused on.”


“We congratulate the UC Davis Stores and its campus partners on receiving these prestigious accolades for the Inclusive Access program, which has delivered significant cost savings to thousands of students at the institution. We anticipate that increased access to high-quality digital content will continue to have a positive impact on student success, as well as provide educators with the critical course data they need to analyze students’ performance and make necessary instructional adjustments,” said Tom Malek, senior vice president of partnerships, Pearson.


With digital content from Pearson and other providers, the UC Davis Stores IT department developed the program’s web-based application for course and enrollment data, program communication to students, billing and analytics.


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Generation Global Launches, Free Safe Online Environment for Students to Explore Cultural Differences Through Dialogue

The non-profit program provides free educational content, curated videoconferences, and a safe online community where students can connect with peers from around the world


(NEW YORK, NY) September 20, 2016 – Generation Global, an education non-profit created for students ages 12–17, today announced its relaunch into the U.S. as Generation Global, an initiative of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation. Generation Global provides practical, support for educators to guide the next generation of young people in becoming global citizens by peacefully navigating cultural and religious differences through meaningful dialogue.


All over the world, destructive ideologies based on cultural, religious, and ideological stereotypes are hampering development, dialogue, and understanding of the world around us. Generation Global believes that education is one of the most effective instruments in countering these ideologies.


With Generation Global’s complimentary platform and curriculum, American students learn alongside students from around the world. Learning from (and teaching) their peers from different cultures allows students to develop the skills they need to navigate diversity and have meaningful dialogue with people of different cultures.


Since 2008, Generation Global’s safe, secure, and monitored web-based platform has helped more than 200,000 students in 20 countries around the world engage in meaningful dialogue and connect with peers through online conversations and facilitated videoconferences. Connecting with students from different countries gives young people the skills of global citizenship, and encourages the next generation to be accepting and at ease with cultural differences.


“We are proud of this success so far. But we recognize that as the nature of the challenge evolves, so must we,” said Dr. Ian Jamison, head of education and training for Generation Global. “Unfortunately, extremism is growing around the world. It uses new ways to spread its message of hate, including using technology to enable this spread. Globalization and technological change present exciting new opportunities to educate students in schools and provide tools to teach a new generation of global citizens.”


Generation Global’s classroom resources can be integrated into any lesson but fit especially well into those focused on diverse cultures like history, geography, and social studies. Resource-filled toolkits not only educate students about the difficult issues facing our nation and the world today, but foster critical thinking, effective dialogue skills, and intercultural knowledge to help students better understand and respect one another.


Using the online learning community, teachers can group their students into structured conversations with other young people around the world, creating a safe and monitored environment that encourages open dialogue.


Teachers can take their class around the world in an afternoon through online videoconferences facilitated and arranged by the Generation Global team. Interacting directly with their peers, students are empowered to ask and answer questions about culture, identity, values, and beliefs.


Generation Global’s classroom resources prepare students before and after videoconferences by focusing on critical thinking skills and how to engage in meaningful discussion. This careful preparation guides students to learn the skills they need to express themselves in a respectful and open-minded way.


Generation Global offers additional support for teachers, including training with diversity experts, access to 24-hour help desks, and an intuitive toolset used to prepare and evaluate students on their performance.


Generation Global is accessible on any device, including mobile phones, iPads, and Chromebooks.


About Generation Global

Generation Global is a pioneering global education program for 12-17 year olds. By providing global learning and dialogue opportunities, it helps young people to be resolute in the face of narratives that may feed into the development of violent extremist ideologies. We want to ensure that our program is a catalyst for genuine behavioral and attitudinal change. Devised by an international group of educational experts, advisers, and religious leaders, the program provides opportunities for students to put critical thinking skills into practice through facilitated dialogue. Generation Global is an initiative of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation, which provides practical support to help prevent religious conflict and extremism.


For more information, please visit Generation.Global


Cantata Learning Inspires Creativity and Collaboration Through Global Harmony Project

‘Give a Shout Out to Your Community’ helps students and teachers connect to the global community by sharing writing, videos, artwork, and ideas

(Mankato, MN) September 20, 2016 – It’s a new school year, and educators are building a whole new community with their students.Cantata Learning, an educational publisher of pre-K–3 curriculum content and music, is proud to announce its 2016 Global Harmony Project, “Give a Shout Out to Your Community.”


Harmony Projects, inspired by Cantata Learning books and songs, let students showcase their creativity in a variety of ways, including writing stories and poems or creating videos, recipes, artwork, and more. Students learn to connect with the global community by exhibiting creativity and collaboration, while also gaining hands-on learning experience.


“The ‘Give a Shout Out to Your Community’ project celebrates communities of all kinds—from in the classroom, to your town, state, and beyond,” said Katherine Coughlan Hobson, the General Manager of Cantata Learning. “The project not only gets students and teachers involved with their outside community, but provides educators with a special opportunity to join with their peers to share lessons and ideas. Using the Cantata Learning Harmony Project toolkit, educators can easily incorporate free lessons, songs, and books into their units while adding a social-emotional learning aspect.”


There are many ways teachers and librarians can participate in “Give a Shout Out to Your Community”:


  1. Join the free, virtual People in Your Community Meet & Greets with diverse professionals ranging from a farmer and a chef to an author and an optometrist.
  2. Give a shout out to their community in a short video.
  3. Submit a lesson, unit, or project about community. Teachers and librarians from around the world can submit their lessons, and Cantata Learning will compile them into an ebook.
  4. Submit a community service or fundraising project that their school is involved in to the “How I Help My Community”contest.


Three classes or schools that win the contest will receive 25 Cantata Learning books and CDs. The winners will also have the chance to choose another organization to receive an additional 25 free books and CDs.


From collecting pennies to helping people affected by the floods in Baton Rouge to walking dogs at the local animal shelter, pretty much any community service project will qualify. Once the projects are complete, students enter by writing a story, creating a video, or making a drawing about what they did and what they accomplished. Entries are due November 11, 2016, by 11:59 PM ET. Judging of the entries will be done by Teacher-Librarian Shannon McClintock Miller.


For official entry rules, visit


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Follett’s Nader Qaimari a panelist at EdNET Conference session exploring educator-education provider relationship


McHENRY, Ill., Sept. 19, 2016– Nader Qaimari, who leads Follett’s PreK-12 business, Follett School Solutions, is one of five panelists selected to explore the relationship between educators and education providers at the 2016 EdNET Conference later this month in Dallas.The “Striving for Partnership: How Educators and Providers Can Address Issues of Trust and Risk” panel is scheduled for 1 p.m. Monday, Sept. 26 during the annual conference’s second day at The Fairmont Dallas.

Qaimari will be joined by other education providers, Guiseppe “Seppy” Basili, chief revenue officer, BrightBytes; Christine Willig, president, McGraw-Hill Education’s PreK-12 group; John Murray, executive chairman, AdvancePath Academics, Inc.; and moderator Dr. Gregory Firn, senior vice president of strategic initiatives for RoboKind.

Participating in the dialogue from the educational administrator side will be superintendents Dr. Wanda Bamberg, Aldine (Texas) Independent School District; Dr. Alberto Carvalho, Miami-Dade County (Florida) Public Schools; Dr. Michael Hinojosa, Dallas (Texas) Independent School District; and Dr. Thomas Woods-Tucker, Princeton City (Ohio) Schools, and AASA 2016 National Superintendent of the Year.

According to Vicki Smith Bigham, EdNETconference manager, the panel is designed to serve as a “candid conversation about the state of the business relationship.” She explained how these educators will address compliance, transparency, proof, and measurement and also how those issues contribute to risk-aversion and what can become an earned lack of trust by districts. The education providers will discuss districts’ resistance to partnering and how to stand out in a crowded marketplace with an overwhelming number of companies, business models, and products.

Earlier this year, Qaimari was promoted to president of Follett School Solutions. He joined the company in July 2014 and quickly earned key promotions, including being named executive vice president of Follett Corporation in October 2015. Prior to joining Follett, he served as senior vice president of sales and marketing for Cengage Learning’s Gale business.

The EdNET Conference, a B2B event hosted by MDR, provides senior executives from PreK-12 organizations with the latest information on market trends, business partnering opportunities, funding sources, new technologies, and activities of key market players.

For more information about Follett, visit

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