New White Paper “Digital Citizenship: a Holistic Primer” released at Digital Citizenship Summit 2016 at the Twitter Headquarters

The paper, produced by Impero and the Digital Citizenship Institute, takes an in-depth look at educating children on living in a digital world and offers guidance for schools 

Simi Valley, CA – Oct 28, 2016 – Impero Software and the Digital Citizenship Institute today announced the release of a white paper to help schools understand and effectively teach digital citizenship. The whitepaper, Digital Citizenship: a Holistic Primer was released during the Digital Citizenship Summit 2016 in San Francisco. It can be downloaded here:


The white paper is authored by Dr. Marialice B.F.X. Curran, founder and CEO of the Digital Citizenship Institute; Dr. Jason Ohler, author, speaker and Professor Emeritus of Educational Technology and Virtual Learning at Fielding Graduate University; and Dr. Mike Ribble, presenter, consultant, and Director of Technology for the Manhattan-Ogden School District in Kansas, and author of Digital Citizenship in Schools, 3rd Edition. Digital Citizenship: a Holistic Primer defines digital citizenship, describes its important role in education today and in the future, and offers specific examples of schools and colleges that are teaching it well.


“Digital citizenship reflects our quest to help students, as well as ourselves, develop the skills and perspectives necessary to live a digital lifestyle that is safe, savvy, and ethical, as well as inspired, innovative and involved,” said Marialice B.F.X. Curran, one of the white paper authors. “We want all students to be able to assume the roles of researcher, participant and leader as they build communities that effectively span their real and online worlds. Our ultimate hope is that students will use social media for social good.”


Digital Citizenship refers to the ethics, concerns and opportunities associated with living a digital lifestyle. This begins with the need to educate children about the dangers that exist online such as identity theft, sexting, and cyberbullying and extends into the positive and practical application of social media and technology as a whole.


Digital Citizenship: a Holistic Primer breaks down digital citizenship into three core themes – respect, educate and protect, and provides six elements for each such as digital law, digital literacy and digital security. It discusses how schools can approach the issue of Internet access such as monitoring, filtering or blocking Internet use and handling of BYOD initiatives. It offers guidance on what schools should consider when creating a digital citizenship plan and lists classroom examples from educators in elementary, middle and high school and college.


A Digital Citizenship: A Holistic Primer is a collaborative effort between the Digital Citizenship Institute and Impero Software, a leading remote monitoring and management software provider.


The Digital Citizenship Institute partners with districts, schools and organizations to provide a community-driven approach to digital citizenship and develops solutions for schools and communities.


Impero’s Education Pro software monitors students’ online activity on the school network and alerts educators if students use keywords that could indicate issues such as cyberbullying, sexting, radicalization, or self-harm.


“Digital citizenship is critically important in today’s always-online world,” said Sam Pemberton, CEO of Impero Software. “We recommend that schools be proactive in discussing digital citizenship and implementing policies, tools, curriculum and partnerships to ensure students can successfully navigate an increasingly complex digital world. We are pleased to partner with the Digital Citizenship Institute on this white paper and hope it will be a valuable resource to schools throughout the country.”



About Impero Software

Impero Software is relied upon by education establishments around the world. Founded in 2002, it is currently accessed via one million computers in over 70 countries, including by 500 U.S. districts. In the UK it is the market-leading provider of Classroom, Network and Internet Safety Management Software, with a greater than 40 percent market share of UK secondary schools and 24 percent of colleges.

The company provides intelligent school IT management to help teams cut costs and maximize productivity. Its cutting edge software and powerful learning tools assist schools in the day-to-day running of their computer networks, putting teachers back in control of the classroom and enabling them to proactively deal with internet safety concerns on a daily basis. For more information, visit


About the Digital Citizenship Institute

The Digital Citizenship Institute is committed to promoting social good through the use of social media and technology. They are a diverse group of connected educators who think differently and believe in amplifying the positive and practical applications of learning in the digital age. The Institute partners with districts, schools, parents and organizations to provide a community approach to digital citizenship. For more information, visit


LD OnLine and Landmark School Outreach Partner to

Deliver Teaching Strategies to Educators
BEVERLY, MA – Leaders in providing resources to educators serving the 5 – 15% of students diagnosed with learning disabilities, LD OnLine and Landmark School Outreach have partnered to deliver practical and effective strategies through their online platforms.


Landmark School Outreach is now providing articles with timely, research-based teaching tips, checklists, and downloadable templates for educators that LD OnLine features on their website monthly.

Topics to date include:


Noel Gunther, LD OnLine Executive Director said, “We are delighted to partner with Landmark School Outreach. This relationship allows us to deliver great content from highly-respected experts in their field.  The articles are full of practical suggestions that educators can use with both struggling and traditional learners.”


In 1977, the Landmark School established the Landmark Outreach Program to help meet the educational needs of students with language-based learning disabilities.  The Outreach Program’s mission is to empower children with learning disabilities by offering their teachers an exemplary program of applied research and professional development.  To that end, the program provides extensive professional development, including a Summer Institute, online courses, consultation services, and publications.


LD OnLine is a popular website for general and special educators and is a service of WETA, the flagship PBS station in Washington, D.C.   The site features hundreds of helpful articles, multimedia, monthly columns by noted experts, a referral directory, and much more.



Learn more about the Landmark School Outreach Program and LD OnLine:




Credo Launches ‘Issue Briefs’


Topical world subjects examined objectively – ideal for students, librarians


BOSTON, Oct. 27, 2016 — Credo – the industry leader for information literacy, critical thinking, and research solutions – has launched “Issue Briefs,” designed for students performing research on a wide range of current topics. Each week, Credo will unveil three to four new Issue Briefs, which illuminate all sides of today’s top issues featuring unbiased reporting.


Issue Briefs, published by Law Street Media, the leading law and policy site for Millennials, can be subscribed to through Credo Online Reference Service.


Articles are written concisely, averaging 1,750 words in length, and engage students with high-quality multimedia featuring videos, infographics, graphs and images. Among the current issues covered are politics, technology, health care, law, business and economics, energy and environment, health and science, and entertainment and culture.


“Students today are confronted with a wide variety of resources for their academic research. Wading through all the noise is a never-ending challenge, and students need a trusted source,” said Daniel Mack, Associate Dean for Collection Strategies and Services, University of Maryland Libraries. “Issue Briefs are the perfect starting point for research.”


“The Issue Briefs are the most up-to-date content of their kind, and they’re rich in multimedia resources – providing a quick but comprehensive dive into hundreds of topics,” Mack continued. “They’re written by Millennial journalists who understand what today’s students need.”


According to Ian Singer, Chief Content Officer for Credo, librarians also will appreciate the new product as it adds a high degree of currency to their reference resources.


“With a collection of more than 450 articles at launch, and with weekly updates, students and librarians can be assured many current and controversial topics have been addressed,” Singer said. “The beauty of these Issue Briefs is they feature rigorous fact-checking standards and stringent editorial oversight to ensure objectivity. The presentation of all sides of an issue helps students craft coherent arguments early in the research process.”


Credo has partnered with more than 2,500 libraries over the last 16 years to drive more effective and efficient student research activities. Since 2014, Credo has been developing instructional content while working with librarians to improve student research outcomes.


For more information about Credo, visit; for more information about Issue Briefs visit


About Credo |

Credo is an information skills solutions provider that serves educational institutions worldwide. It enables the flexible configuration of content, technology and services for the purpose of connecting learners, faculty and teachers, librarians and publishers. Credo promotes knowledge building, problem solving and critical thinking to give people the information skills necessary for success throughout their academic, professional and personal lives. Founded in the U.K. under the name of Xrefer, Credo has helped colleges, universities and public libraries successfully educate students and patrons since 1999. Credo is headquartered in Boston, Mass., and maintains an office in the U.K.


About Law Street |

Law Street is a free web-based media platform covering law and public policy. It was founded as a way to provide a single essential resource to law students and young professionals in the rapidly-evolving legal industry. With millions of visitors and its unique focus on the information needs of engaged Millennials, Law Street has brought aboard numerous investors from the publishing industry with the intention of expanding into other niche markets. Law Street’s Chairman, Ken Michaels, is the CEO of Macmillan Learning. Read the press release about Law Street’s launch here, and see the Publishers Weekly story about the company here. Law Street’s Founder and CEO is journalist and author John A. Jenkins, formerly President and Publisher of CQ Press. Read more about John and the rest of the Law Street team here.


Leading K-12 SaaS Platform Edsby moves to Microsoft Azure Cloud
K-12 learning management, data aggregation & analytics system now running exclusively on Azure in regions around the world
ONTARIO (Oct. 27, 2016) — Edsby, an SaaS platform that gives K-12 school districts, regions and national governments better student, teacher and parent engagement, improved educational outcomes and new insight into educational effectiveness, is now running on Microsoft Azure, Microsoft’s hyperscale enterprise-grade cloud platform, as part of a global relationship between the two companies.
K-12 education organizations usually have strict data sovereignty requirements that require them to store their academic data in the country/region they operate. Edsby is now leveraging Microsoft’s investment in Azure data centers worldwide to meet these requirements for customers around the globe. This is especially attractive for large school districts along with state, provincial and national educational organizations.
To learn more about Edsby’s partnership with Microsoft, visit here.
Twine Fulfills Communication and Engagement Needs at Nevada School
Learning management system built for private schools connects administrators, teachers, parents and students

RENO, Nev. (October 27, 2016) — From small schools to large schools, one of the key factors of a successful learning environment is fluid communication among all members of the school community. To integrate student information and communication on one platform, Triad School in Reno, Nev. has recently implemented Twine, an integrated learning management system (LMS) built specifically for K-12 private schools.

Triad School aims to keep small class sizes with an average of ten students in each classroom. The school wanted a solution that was modern, flexible and easily customizable to support individualized learning paths of each Triad student, while also keeping the line of communication open between administrators, teachers and parents.

For the full release, click here.
RoboKind and the Autism Society of America Announce Nationwide School Grant Program
Robots4Autism School Grant Program offers schools the opportunity to adopt research-based curriculum, eliminate economic barriers to autism intervention

DALLAS (Oct. 27, 2016) – The cost associated with providing healthcare and education for children with autism often presents a barrier for care providers and school districts. To ease the adoption of evidence-based practices in delivering the highest quality education for students with autism, RoboKind and the Autism Society of America announce the offering of the joint Robots4Autism School Grant Program. The grant program aims to make the comprehensive, research-based Robots4Autism program accessible to schools across the nation.

The Robots4Autism curriculum, delivered by humanoid robot Milo, incorporates eight evidence-based practices to support a learner’s generalization of appropriate social behavior and promote emotional understanding. In clinical studies, Robots4Autism has significantly increased engagement levels for students with autism. As a cost-effective solution for autism intervention, the grant partnership offers schools of all backgrounds to integrate the Robots4Autism curriculum into instruction.

Watch how Robots4Autism is improving the lives of students with autism here. To read the full news release, click here.