Education Talk Radio Launches a Second Education Podcast for Parents and Community

Education in America aims to close the information gap between schools, districts, and the communities they serve    


(Boston, MA) March 8, 2017 —Larry Jacobs, host of the long-running Education Talk Radio podcast for education professionals, today announced the debut of his new podcast, Education in America.

The weekly podcast brings together the voices and opinions of guest educators, authors and members of the community. The aim is to close the information gap between schools, districts, and the communities they serve.

The podcast went live on February 17. The premiere episode, “The Why and How of School Networking,” featured Larry and his guests Keith Krueger, the executive director of The Consortium for School Networking, and LaShona Dickerson, the technology director of Lafayette Parish (LA) Public Schools. They discussed how best to prepare students and the community for a 21st-century America via the use of technology and networking in schools.


Following that first broadcast, shows have delved into the topics of school choice and the inherent value of supporting public education. Future shows will cover social emotional learning, civics and civic discourse in schools, kindergarten readiness, and the parents’ role in special education. Additionally, an ongoing series will highlight the good work of varied districts around the country.


The podcast airs on Fridays and invites influential and noteworthy thought leaders, professional education associations, and authors to step up to the mic and address the key questions surrounding the role and responsibility of educators and the school system in America—as well as the role of community stakeholders, local businesses, and parents.


When approaching these topics on his podcast, Jacobs uses the “real talk” method, avoiding buzzwords and clichés and widening the discussion to the general public. “I believe that the news of education should be both informative and entertaining,” he said.


Jacobs continued, “It is now more important than ever to bring the positive points of education to the community, parents, and public. After all, it is their tax dollars and tuition we spend daily, and it is their children who we educate. Many companies, educators, and thought leaders have told me they want to get the word to the community, and we are now doing that with Education in America. I want to help both sides understand and support the other.”


Education Talk Radio, which gave rise to Education in America, was Jacobs’ first podcast targeted at professional educators. Launched in 2011 and running five days a week with two or three 40-minute shows daily, it now boasts more than 2,500 broadcasted shows and an average 1,500 listens per day, all archived at With Education in America, Jacobs widens the audience for education news, while narrowing his focus to parents and community in order for that audience to understand what goes on in schools and why education must be understood and supported by all stakeholders, both now and in the future.


To suggest discussion topics or under-writing, or to request to appear as a guest on the show, please contact Larry at


About Larry Jacobs:

Larry Jacobs, M.Ed, has been the host and president of Education Talk Radio since 2011.The daily podcast is recorded live and then archived on iTunes and at and Jacobs is a former educator and publishing executive who graduated with a BS. Ed from West Chester University and then received his master’s in education from Arcadia University. His long broadcasting experience includes his time as a host on WRKO radio in Boston and at several stations in New Hampshire.


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